My Summer Skincare Must Haves

Now that we’re moving into summer, the first thing i’m thinking about is how i’m going to be switching up certain products especially my skincare as my skin always changes as we move into the summer months. I thought today i’d talk about a few products that i’m going to be loving going forward into the warmer months and also a few products that i’d really recommend trying.

It’s safe to say that I love The Body Shop’s skincare, for me it is the best as it is completely natural, it’s really affordable and you just know that you’re going to get some really good results from these products, so the majority of products i’m talking about today are from The Body Shop.

When it comes to serums, i’m always wanting one that will give me a lovely boost of hydration, but that will also keep my sensitive skin happy. The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum is a favourite of mine and i’m actually gutted that this has been discontinued because it works wonders on my skin. It really helps to not only give my skin a lovely boost but it also calms my skin when the sensitivity is acting up. During the summer my skin sort of goes a bit mental and the heat can often make my skin quite dry and if I burn then i’m screwed haha! 

Although the previous product has been discontinued, this next product is sort of a replacement that is available and I really love to us. The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Gel (£8.50) is a gel like serum that performs in a similar way to the Aloe Protective Serum. It’s really light on the skin and soaks in so quickly, almost instantly giving my skin a nice glow. It is also amazing at calming down my sensitive skin and I find myself reaching for this a lot at the moment, especially when i’m in a rush as it sinks in right away. I’d highly recommend trying out the Aloe range, especially if you suffer with sensitive skin.

As I mentioned, if I burn my especially my face my skin can be a right mess so I always make sure that i’m wearing some sort of SPF. Most foundations do contain SPF, but as we all know our makeup does disappear throughout the day, and for me I need a bit of a back up. I haven’t really found a face SPF that works for me yet, but i’ve been using the Benefit Facial Emulsion (£22.50). This product contains SPF 15, which is a high enough SPF to use on my face on most days and the product itself is really lightweight. What is also great is that it performs in more than one way, as I also find this product to be really moisturising on the skin and it smells lovely.

Lastly is a product that i’ve been loving for a few months now and is one I know my skin will be loving over the warmer months is The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet (£12). It is a beautiful whipped like moisturiser that is like none that i’ve used before. It’s so lightweight, feels so velvety soft on the skin and leaves my skin feeling so lovely. Again it’s great because it doesn’t irritate my skin at all and it gives my skin that boost that it needs. I use this mainly as a day moisturiser as it so light that it sinks in quickly enough, especially on a busy day!

What skincare products are you turning to this summer?