Recent Homeware Buys

I’ve recently been getting back into my homeware buying ways, mainly because i’m getting really bored with my little space and I feel that I just need to have a little revamp. I’ve recently picked up some really cute, yet affordable things and I thought it would be nice to share with you the things i’ve been picking up!

It’s safe to say i’ve definitely got the homeware buying bug at the moment, probably because one of my really good friends is moving house so her homeware bug has rubbed off on me and i’ve gone a little spendy but I have picked up some really cute things that i’d definitely take when I move into my own place – if that ever happens!

Kicking things off with Next Home where I don’t really shop all that much because I find it really overpriced for what it is, but I kindly received some Next gift cards for my Birthday and I ended up spending them in the home section. First thing I picked out was the Sandle & Amber 3-wick Candle (£8), which probably won’t come as a shock to any of you but the main thing I was drawn too was the copper housing of this candle and the scent is so calming compared to those that I usually choose, but it’s really nice! The second thing I picked out was the Champagne Bubble Glass Hurricane (£8), which is basically a lovely vase/candle holder of which I currently have some fake flowers in and I love it! 

Last weekend I took a trip to Ikea, of which I didn’t really intend to buy much and I stuck to my guns but I did pick up a couple of things that have brightened up my room a little. Whenever i’ve been to Ikea, I always manage to walk past the plant/garden section so when I finally found it I knew I had to get myself a Phalaenopsis Potted Plant (£4.50), which is basically a mini orchid! I thought it would be a really cute addition and would make my blog photos look just that bit better. I also had a quick browse around the duvet section and I picked up the Skorpil Quilt Cover (£13), which comes in three colours and I opted for the purple. I’m really pleased as it’s different to my usual floral quilt covers and I feel it makes my room look a little more grown up.

Lastly I was causally browsing the home section in TkMaxx, which always isn’t a good idea as I always spend far too much money but I found some really lovely pieces. First thing I found was this amazing Light Up ‘C’ (£16.99) and i’ve wanted my initial to hang up on my wall for a long time, so when I saw this I knew I had to have it. Also whilst browsing the wall decor section I came across this adorable Glass Sign (£6.99), which I just couldn’t say no too and I can’t wait to start hanging up things on my picture wall!

So those are all of the homeware pieces that I have recently picked up and i’m super pleased as I know all of these things will work for when I eventually move out!

Have you picked up any new homeware pieces recently?