What I Got For My 22nd Birthday

As most of you will know, I recently celebrated my 22nd Birthday and I thought today i’d share a few of the bits I received for my Birthday, as I love reading these posts and I know you lovely readers have always enjoyed my previous ‘birthday haul’ style posts.

My Birthday this year was a lot more mellow compared to my 21st last year, and it’s safe to say the big birthdays are well and truly over for me (well until I get into my 40’s, but let’s not discuss that just yet!) so I really wasn’t expecting all that much and I was actually really surprised by how lovely and thoughtful the presents I received were.

From my Dad and Stepmum they very kindly got me the December Pandora Ring (£40), of which i’m not born in December (obviously) but I really liked the colour of the stone in this ring as i’m not a huge fan of my birthstone, which is a Ruby so I asked for this one instead. I haven’t taken it off since I opened the box and I love how you can stack Pandora rings, so I wear this on the same finger as my other Pandora. Also they very kindly got me the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume (£59), which I have wanted for such a long time and i’m so happy to finally have this in my life! It really is like summer in a bottle!

My lovely work colleagues surprised me a few days before my Birthday, with a card signed by everyone in the office and a little Topshop bag waiting on my desk when I arrived back from the lunch run, which I honestly didn’t expect and inside were 3 of the Topshop Nail Polishes (£5/£6) in the shades ‘Boy Next Door’, ‘Blue Rinse‘ and ‘Bound’. Now my team know i’m a bit of a beauty obsessor so these were a really lovely present and i’ve been loving the shade ‘Boy Next Door’.

From my Mum and Stepdad I received a lovely bunch of sunflowers, which were so pretty along with a huge white chocolate cake and some other foodie things but my main present was the Samsung Smart 22″ TV (£179), which I can watch both Youtube and Netflix on! How amazing is that?! I’ve not left my room in the evenings since getting it, and it’s white – every bloggers favourite colour!


Lastly I received a few little gifts from friends including this pretty Boohoo Starfish Pendant Necklace (£4), which is so pretty and dainty! I also received quite a few Topshop vouchers, so i’ve gone a little spendy in Topshop recently and also so much chocolate to last me a good few months!

So that is everything I got for my 22nd Birthday and I am so thankful for the thought and effort that went into all my gifts, as I loved every one of them!

Have you celebrated your birthday recently? What presents did you get?