My Everyday Watch with Daniel Wellington

Ever since i’ve started my new job, my day to day accessories have changed quite considerably as I never used to really care about the accessories I wore until I was kindly gifted the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield just under a year ago, and this became my go to watch for good while but I thought i’d share with you today the newest addition to my Daniel Wellington watch family and what has now become my everyday go to watch.

As i’ve previously mentioned, I was never one to wear a watch mainly because when it came to everyday accessories my previous job didn’t really allow me to show of my personal character especially when it came to accessories, and watches in particular. However since starting at my new job, having a watch has become something that I have had to rely on especially when i’ve been stuck in long meetings, where i’ve needed to check the time or for when i’ve not had my phone to hand.

My latest addition to my Daniel Wellington collection is the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield 36mm Watch* (£159), which is an upgraded and a more sophisticated version of my previous Classy Sheffield. This watch in particular has a 36mm watch face and a thicker strap, which I didn’t think i’d like as i’m not usually a fan of the chunkier watch but i’ve totally been converted and I now wear this watch on a daily basis and save my other watch for more occasion wear where I don’t want to wear a large watch.

Just like all Daniel Wellington watches the quality of this watch is absolutely stunning with beautiful rose gold hardware and a genuine leather strap, you can really see how they take pride in their amazing quality craftsmanship. Also another feature I really like is that the straps are changeable and being the indecisive person that I am I also selected the Wristband Classic Glasgow* (£25) so that I could change the watch up slightly if I was going for a more casual vibe. Again the quality of this watch strap is amazing, with the sturdy cord and beautiful rose gold hardware, you really can do no wrong. They offer a wide range of different straps, leather and cord so if you are also indecisive like myself, they’ve got you covered!

It’s safe to say that Daniel Wellington watches have really changed my opinion when it comes to watches and I would honestly be lost if I wasn’t wearing a watch nowadays, they have become an accessory staple! If you are in the market for a new watch, make sure to use my discount code DWstyleandsplurging for 15%! – I’ll also be sharing an outfit post in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

What is your favourite everyday accessory staple?