My Blogging Space

For quite some time now i’ve wanted to share what my little blogging space looks like, but whenever it came to taking the photos it just didn’t work out how I wanted it too, so after having a little rejig and purchasing a few new bits my desk finally felt and looked how I wanted to. So I thought today I share a few snippets of my blogging space!

Granted I probably haven’t sat at my desk to blog in quite some time, usually I retire to my bed especially if i’m blogging after a long day at work but when I do sit to work at my desk I find that productivity levels are a lot higher and I find that my back isn’t in a crippled sorry state. 

So starting off with the desk itself, of course it’s from Ikea just like the majority of my furniture is and this is the Linnmon Alex Table (£74.50), which made using a small set of the famous Alex Drawers and then a desk top on top of that. I’ve got the larger size, which means the desk top itself is quite long and it just allows more space for whatever i’m doing, whilst the drawers are handy for storing all of those random bits and pieces we all seem to have. I do try my hardest to keep my desk as tidy as I possibly can, seeing as I use it to take the majority of my blog photos for that crisp white background that you see in all of photos.

On top of my desk I of course keep my Macbook Pro 15″, which I honestly couldn’t be without as I use it 24/7 for pretty much everything including blogging, catching up on Youtube videos and watching Pretty Little Liars. I also keep my large selection of notepads, which are all from either Home Sense or TkMaxx as they have so many cute designs and they are so handy for jotting down any ideas for blog posts. I then have all of my pens and Promarkers in these Skurar Pots (£2-£5) from Ikea, which every blogger has and I just find them really cute to store things in. I also have a few bits of artwork including this really cute Glass Quote Frame, which again is from Home Sense or TkMaxx as they always have some really cute individual pieces and i’m a sucker for cute quotes. 

Above my desk I have a shelf which is more of a display shelf that houses all of my books, which of course has a wide range of beauty/youtuber books including Pretty Honest (£14.96), The Glam Guide (£8) and Love Tanya (£6.49) to name a few. I also have a couple of storage boxes, which I received as birthday presents and also another Quote Print of which again both are from Home Sense or TkMaxx – are you sensing I like these two stores?! I also have a few trinket things that i’ve had for quite sometime that make cute little additions to the shelving unit. 

So that is a little look into my blogging space, which is a constant working progress but as i’m also wanting to move out within the next year or so i’m a little reluctant to fully decorate it to how I exactly want it.

What does your blogging space look like?