New In From Lee Stafford

It’s been quite some time since i’ve shared anything hair related on this little ol’ blog, mainly because I usually find that these posts are the ones that don’t go down so well with you all, not sure why but hey ho! Any who, a few new releases from Lee Stafford arrived on my doorstep of which i’ve been testing out and I just had to share them with you guys!

Lee Stafford is a brand i’ve loved for years, even prior to starting up this blog so to be able to try out new releases is such an exciting prospect because I know i’m most likely going to enjoy the products! Now these few products are from the Argan Oil from Morocco range of which i’ve not actually tried anything from to my surprise and i’ve been pleasantly surprised from these couple of products.

When I first received the press release for these products I decided to a little background research on the argan oil range just to see what it was all about as i’ve heard that argan oil products are really good for your hair but i’ve never given them much of a chance to see how they work. So this range from Lee Stafford focuses on using argan oil in order to give you silky, smooth and healthy hair, as the women in Morocco have used it as part of their beauty regime for years and it helps to prevent your hair losing its necessary moisture. As my hair is pretty damaged from the constant dying, this range sounded right up my street and pretty promising, so I was really intrigued by these new releases.

The first product that I gave a test was the Night Repair Serum* (£12.99) of which is like a light weight overnight mask but it’s designed to work whilst your hair is out of the harm of everyday pollutants that your hair faces and it also works to restore your hairs moisture, so the moisture infused serum gets to work as you sleep. I usually use this on my hair when my hair is due to be washed the following day, so I whack a small amount through the mid to length ends of my hair, leave it overnight and then wash it out of my hair the following morning. I’ve found to be a really nice product to use as I find a lot of hair masks really can weigh my hair down after, but this is absolutely devine and i’ve really started to notice how shiny my hair has began to look, which helps to give the illusion that my hair is healthy, when it definitely is not – haha!

The second product is the Nourishing Miracle Mist* (£9.99) and i’m such a fan of spray hair products as I just find them so quick to use, especially when i’m in a bit of a rush when it comes to styling my hair. This kind of does what it says on the bottle, it nourishes your hair with a little extra help from the argan oil as it infuses your hair with moisture. I use this on both wet and dry hair as it helps to detangle and smooth out my hair, but it also gives such a lovely amount of shine that I think is amazing! I often find oil infused hair products to be quite greasy, especially spray versions but this is so lovely on the hair and doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy what so ever!

Lee Stafford have also released a few new products into their Bleach Blondes range, which are the Bleach Blondes Golden Girl Oil (£9.99) and the Bleach Blondes Tone Correcting Spray (£8.99) but as I don’t have blonde hair I decided it was best not to receive those products as I wasn’t able to review them properly but I thought i’d give them a quick mention to you lovely blondes out there!

So those are a few new products into the Lee Stafford hair range and i’m so thrilled by these products. If you too find your hair often lacks softness and shine then i’d definitely recommend trying out these products as they are so affordable and Boots always seem to have offer on, on Lee Stafford products!

Have you tried out any Lee Stafford products?