Beautiful Flowers from Debenhams

It isn’t often that I get bought flowers and I haven’t received any flowers for quite some time, but flowers are always a lovely gift or gesture to and from loved ones in time of celebration, remorse or just because. Nowadays online flower services are becoming a popular option and Debenhams Flower Delivery is one that i’ve heard some amazing things about, so when they contacted me I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to receive some beautiful flowers.

I don’t know what it is about flowers but i’m one of those girls that loves flowers, they instantly cheer me up and just brighten not only my mood but my surroundings and they make great backgrounds for blog pictures – blogger problems!


At Debenhams Flowers they have a wide selection of fresh hand picked flowers to choose from to send across the UK with their 7 days a week next day delivery service, which is great if your looking to send flowers to a loved one who lives quite far away, as you can guarantee they will arrive safely and quickly! I was so happy with their next day delivery service, as they arrived in less than 24 hours of placing my order and they came packaged in a really sturdy box with the flowers wrapped and stood in a clever container of water, keeping them fresh and watered. What was great about the packaging was that the flowers weren’t damaged what so ever, as I was a little nervous but the flowers were in perfect condition.

The bouquet I chose is the Designer Smoulder Bouquet* (£40.99), which is from their Autumn Flower Range and is a beautiful bouquet of some of my favourite flowers including several different coloured roses all housed around berries and lilac eustoma’s. What instantly drew me to this particular bouquet was all the lovely tones of pinks and purples, and because I love roses so I was instantly sold and I just love them! I’ve had the flowers for about a week now and they are still in amazing condition with the flowers very much alive, and i’m so impressed with how long they’ve lasted in comparison to previous flowers that i’ve had. Just goes to show how fresh their flowers really are!

With the holiday season upon us, you’re probably starting to think about what presents to give to your loved ones and i’ve never really considered flowers but Debenhams have a lovely range of Christmas Flowers, which could make amazing yet thoughtful presents for your loved ones, especially those who you may not get to see this holiday season.

Debenhams have also kindly given me an exclusive 25% discount code for my lovely readers, so if you’re considering making your own order make sure to use the discount code ‘DFBLOG25′.


What are your favourite flowers?