Christmas With Home Sense

When it comes to Christmas time I prefer the most hassle and stressless free experience as possible, after all Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones and celebrating another year passing, so when I think of Christmas my one stop shop hands down is Home Sense. I thought today i’d put together a little Home Sense Christmas guide if you will and no doubt i’ll convert you to loving Home Sense just as much as I do!

If you’re not familiar with Home Sense, then where on earth have you been hiding?! Home Sense is essentially the home and furniture part of TkMaxx but housed in it’s own store with many more products and a lot more choice as apposed to your local TkMaxx store. What I love about Home Sense especially at Christmas time is that they stock pretty much everything you would need at Christmas time, including decorations, gifts, wrapping, everything! – minus your turkey and vegetables! 

Now the lovely team at Home Sense kindly gifted me with a £25 gift voucher, so with my voucher and wheely basket in toe I spent a good two hours in my local store scouting around all the different sections and departments selecting products to show you guys just how amazing Home Sense is at Christmas time! Starting off with the Christmas decorations section and this section was a little overwhelming as they have such a huge selection of decorations from cute tree decorations, christmas ornaments, holly wreaths, stockings – you name it, they had it! I initially knew that I wanted to get some cute Christmas bunting of some sort, so when I came across this cute Knitted Heart Bunting (£7.99) I just knew it was perfect! I just love how cute and homely this bunting is, as it looks like something your Nan could have possibly knitted as it has that lovely hand made feel to it and i’ll probably use this after Christmas as it’s just so cute! The next decoration that I selected was this beautiful Heart Bell Decoration (£1.99), that has a cute little ‘Merry Christmas‘ message and ribbon with hearts hanging from the bottom! I thought this would be cute to hang over your fireplace as a little extra touch and the ringing bells just remind me of The Polar Express, which is my favourite Christmas film!

Moving onto the gift section and just like your local TkMaxx, Home Sense too have a huge selection of gifts from novelty items, chocolates, lounge wear, beauty etc. and naturally I picked out a beauty gift, surprise surprise! I always find that Home Sense stock a huge range of Bayliss & Harding including their Beauticology range and they have some really lovely gift sets in general but at Christmas they always seem that extra bit special! I picked out Beauticology Christmas Foot Gift Set (£4.99) and I thought this gift set was so cute! It has a cosiest pair of Christmas socks and two beauticology mini products that will help to make your feet feel lovely and soft. Also when it comes to Christmas presents I always love a good candle or two, so when I spotted this Iridescent Jar Candle (£7.99) I was sold! I just loved the look of this as it has a cute little metal handle and a festive heart embossed onto the front that I think anyone would love to not only receive for Christmas but to also have as a decorative piece at Christmas time!

The last section I found myself getting far too excited about was the gift wrapping section! I’ve always loved the adorable gift/storage boxes that both TkMaxx and Home Sense stock, and at Christmas they have an array of Christmas gift boxes in all different shapes and sizes. As I enjoy putting in a little extra effort when it comes to wrapping Christmas gifts, I picked out this cute Christmas Gift Box (£2.99), which reads ‘A Very Merry Christmas To You’ and I thought it was just adorable to house someones Christmas presents in!

So that is my little guide to shopping for everything you’d need this Christmas with Home Sense! If you’re still shopping for Christmas and you’re yet to decorate your tree, i’d highly recommend popping into your local Home Sense and checking out the selection of gifts and decorations that they have!

Do you enjoy a good Home Sense mooch as much as I do?

I was gifted a £25 giftcard from Home Sense and the remainder was paid for by myself.