What I Love About Christmas

I’m in shock that Christmas is this week, it feels as if it were only yesterday that I opened the first door on my advent calendar and yet here we are! This is the first year that I haven’t been working Christmas party after Christmas party and although I don’t finish work until Christmas Eve, my festive spirit is at an all time high and i’m so excited for Christmas this year! 

I thought i’d switch it up a little from my gift guides and beauty posts, which I hope you’ve all been loving as i’ve really gotten my blogging mojo back recently and i’ve been really enjoying reading all of your lovely comments recently – so thank you! Anyway, I thought i’d join in on the festive blogging and highlight the things I love about Christmas!

1. Chocolate – I feel like Christmas (and Easter) is the only time of the year that it’s completely acceptable to eat as much chocolate as you like without getting judged.

2. Fairy lights – I love driving around in the evenings and seeing all of the fairy lights, even the tacky fairy lights! It wouldn’t be Christmas without them would it?!

3. Presents – Not just receiving, but also giving! In fact I love giving gifts more than receiving gifts, seeing the smiles on my loved ones faces when they open their presents gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

4. Christmas jumpers – Christmas is the only time of the year where it’s acceptable to wear the tackiest jumpers and actually be complimented on them!

5. Spending time with family & friends – This is one of those things that I don’t get to do very often, so it’s always lovely seeing family and friends that I may not have seen for some time over the festive period.

6. Boxing day sales – Probably a sad one, but I look so forward to getting up early on boxing day just to try and get my hands on some Lush goodies in the sales!

7. Yorkshire puddings – Another foodie one, and i’m not a huge fan of roast dinners but one thing I bloody love, and eat far too many of at Christmas time are of course Yorkshire puddings!

So that is everything that I love about Christmas, I could go on but I thought i’d keep it short and sweet!

What do you love about Christmas?