Beauty Brands I Want To Try in 2016

This time last year, after reading through many bloggers beauty favourites from the previous year I set out to try out more from some brands that i’d heard and read such amazing review about. Looking back I definitely tried out more from several different brands throughout the past year and I thought i’d do the same again as so many brands have caught my eye or have impressed me so much that I want to try more!

The hardest thing about being a beauty blogger is that once you’ve heard about an amazing product, you basically have to go out and buy it, and this happens little too often for me meaning my makeup collection has kind of gotten out of control. Having said that, I absolutely love trying out new products and new brands, so here are a few that I really want to try more of!

Starting off with probably the most talked about brand this year and that is Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve admired her makeup since I first set eyes on that beautiful packaging when visiting Selfridges in London and I just knew I had to try more. Fortunately I was lucky enough to win a giveaway at the end of November, where I won the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution ‘Love Liberty’ Lipstick (£23) and I have fallen in love. From this it has really heightened my want to try even more products from Charlotte Tilbury throughout 2016!

Another brand that i’ve heard quite a lot about is Milani and it wasn’t until I received the Milani Baked Blush (£4.49) as a Christmas present from my fellow blogging friend Alexandra, that I realised how good Milani products were. Unfortunately as we can’t get hold of Milani that easily here in the UK, the want to try more from this brand is much greater to those we can get here in the UK. Having said that, there are definitely ways around it and I really do want to try more from Milani as I absolutely love their blushers and i’d love to see what other products they have to offer!

A favourite brand of mine that I will always want to try more from is Nars. I own a small selection of their products, mainly lip products and blushers but i’ve always wanted to expand into their foundations, concealers etc. and just really explore Nars more as a brand, as I absoultely love all of the products that I do already own. One of my favourite products is the Nars ‘Luster’ Blush (£23) and I can’t wait to try more from Nars!

The last two brands on my list to try more from are ones that i’ve heard so much about and because they impressed me so much during 2015, i’m really intrigued to see what else these brands have to offer. Firstly is Collection, a brand that takes me way back to when I first started wearing makeup but is a brand that I didn’t really give much of a chance until this year just gone. After falling in love with the Collection #BlushandGlow Palette (£4.99), i’m definitely intrigued to see what else this brand has to offer. Lastly is a brush brand of which i’m sure you’re all aware of is Nanshy! I was lucky enough to be gifted some Nanshy Brushes at the #BloggersFestival and I have been blown away by the amazing quality of their makeup brushes, so I definitely want to try more from them this year!

What brands do you want to try more from during 2016?