The Only Four Makeup Brushes You Need

Over the past few months i’ve really stripped back everything when it comes to beauty including makeup, skincare, hair care, everything as i’m on a crazy spending ban in order to save this year and I don’t need anymore beauty products in my life thats for sure! One area that I have splurged way too much on is makeup brushes, when in hindsight I only a handful of the ones within my collection.

I’ve found that many of the brushes within my collection can actually be used for more than one product, and more so recently i’ve been using just the essential brushes and I can still create a pretty flawless makeup look. I thought i’d talk you through my four favourite brushes and the ones that I think you only really need.

Starting off with a brush that I use for all of my powder based products including bronzer, blush, highlight and setting powder. The Real Techniques Multi Task Brush (£20.99) does exactly what it says on the tin, it multi tasks and is the perfect tapered shape for bronzing up the cheeks bones whilst also being slim enough to highlight and fluffy enough to finish off your look with a setting powder.

Another brush favourite is one of my most budget brushes and I find a Kabuki Foundation Brush (£3.88) to be the easiest to use when buffing in both foundation and concealer products. The flat head works great to buff in foundation seamlessly and the tapered sides work great to get under the eyes to buff in concealer. I also find this shape of brush to be the easiest to clean, which is always a bonus as makeup brushes are pain to clean!

The Real Techniques Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush (£20.99) is the only brush that I probably couldn’t multi task with all that much, but it is one of my favourite brush to use for cream contour as it gets right into the hollows of your cheeks bones but also blends out product so it looks really natural. Although this brush is quite pricey I would definitely recommend this brush out of all of the other brushes within the collection, as I don’t own any other brushes that work like this one.

The last brush in my everyday makeup bag is the Real Techniques Shading Brush (£7.99) and this brush is great for creating any eye makeup look. It allows you to apply eyeshadow to all areas of your eye including the crease, lid, outer corner and it blends really well also. As this brush is quite small it’s very easy to clean so you don’t have to worry too much about mixing eyeshadow shades.

So those are the four brushes that I feel any girl out there would need within her makeup/brush collection.

What are you staple brushes?