Winter Polaroids Project

One thing that i’ve come to love through running this blog for over three years is photography and learning different aspects within photography, from how to use to my camera and to watching how my photography has grown. I also have a huge love for polaroid as i’m always snapping away and catching various memories to look back on.

I was recently contacted by Ocean Loans, who set myself and a few other fellow bloggers a challenge to capture what they love about winter through polaroid and I was really intrigued by this project, as I always like to switch things up and do some fun things on the blog!

Even though winter is my least favourite season due to how cold it is, I do enjoy what winter brings especially when it snows and you’re all cosy in doors sipping on hot chocolate and just spending good quality time with the people that you love. With the help of the Fujifilm Instax Raspberry Mini 8 Camera* (£64.95) and a pack of films, I went on a brisk winter walk to capture some wintery shots and also some indoor shots of things that I love about winter.

When I think of winter, I instantly think of Christmas and luckily this camera arrived the day before we took our Christmas tree down so of course I had to capture it, as it wouldn’t be winter without Christmas! I also love that during the winter time I get to light all the candles and let the sweet scents just fill and warm up the house, whilst watching all of the films snuggled up with my dog or cat on the sofa. Even though i’m not a fan of the cold, I do enjoy a nice winter walk and one thing I learnt about these polaroids is that they don’t work too well in low light, but I like how the shots of the bare trees came out quite moody. I also stumbled across a house that still had their wreath up and some fire wood, which just stood out to me and I thought it was so pretty! 

So those are my polaroids that show what I enjoy about winter! I really enjoyed this project as it was fun to do something else and i’ll definitely be getting so much more use out of this polaroid camera!

What do you love about winter?