My Current Go To Fragrances

Throughout the past couple of years my fragrance collection has grown along with my love for fragrance. When it comes to fragrance i’m definitely a girly girl as i’m a huge lover of sweet smelling scents that have a lovely flirty yet floral feel to them, and of course i’m a huge sucker for an amazing bottle design. Usually i’ll just wear which ever perfume I feel like wearing, but recently i’ve been reaching more for a couple of fragrances in particular and I couldn’t share them with you.

If you’ve read my blog for quite some time, then you’ll know i’m a sucker for Marc Jacobs perfumes and my collection mainly consists of his perfumes. I love the extravagant bottle designs and the fragrances are just so me, so I always know that i’ll love his fragrances but these two fragrances are slightly different to my usual go to scents.

As my Mum knows how much I love Marc Jacobs fragrances, she kindly got me the new Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum (£41), which is so different the any of his other fragrances as it has a dark musky scent to it that makes you feel so classy and sophisticated. This perfume has hints of woody notes mixed with undertones of plum and rose, which gives such a glamorous feel and brings a new twist to his iconic Daisy scents. Also can we just take a moment to discuss the bottle, I mean what girl doesn’t love a handbag styled perfume bottle. 

This next fragrance is one that i’ve spoken about a few times as it really has become my favourite go to fragrance and is one that I think i’ll always have in my collection. After receiving a sample of the Paco Rabanne Olympea Perfume* (£45.99) and falling head over heels for it’s sexy yet sophisticated scent I just knew I had to get myself a full size. This scent is somewhat similar to the typical style of scents that I like, but it’s stronger and more of a statement scent that really lasts throughout the day as apposed to some lighter scents that I wear in the summer. This fragrance is made of a mix of vanilla and floral scents, which just sounds right my street when it comes to fragrance.

So those are my current favourite fragrances, both so different but still both bold and sexy fragrances that make you feel at your absolute best.

What are your favourite fragrances?