Easter Lush Haul

With Easter just around the corner, I popped into my local Lush store this weekend just gone and as I wanted to check out some of the new products for Easter. As i’m really trying to watch what i’m spending so I only picked up two things, but I thought i’d still share them with you!

Whilst having a browse around my local Lush Worcester store, one of the girls that works there ever so kindly talked me through some of the new products and also demonstrated a couple for me, which was so lovely of her and I really learnt a lot as it was quite overwhelming with what product to choose! So a big thank you to the lovely team at my local Lush store!

I initially wasn’t going to pick anything up, but whilst browsing the bath bomb section the lovely sales assistant pointed out the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb (£2.95), which is the cutest egg shaped bath bomb with a little flower on each side of the egg. Now the best thing about this bath bomb is the scent, and I wouldn’t of actually known this unless the sales assistant hadn’t told me, but this has the same scent as snow fairy! So if like me, you’re having snow fairy withdrawals then i’d go and pick up a few of these to fill your cravings!

Also whilst browsing the new products section, I noticed amongst all of the new bubble bars that my local store had a few of the new bath oils, that i’d seen in the Oxford St store last year but I wasn’t really sure how they worked. After having one demonstrated to me and feeling how silky smooth they leave your skin, I ended up picking up You’ve Been Mangoed (£2), which as you can guess smells just like mangos and this is the reason I chose this one, because it smells amazing! I cannot wait to give this a go as my skin has been quite dry as of late, so i’m intrigued to see how these bath oils work, but i’ve heard some great things!

So those are the products I picked up from Lush for Easter! I’m definitely going to pick up some more products if I manage to get through my mountain of Lush products from Christmas!

Have you picked up anything from Lush recently?