New Skincare Routine Additions

Recently i’ve been trying to get my skincare routine back on track, as i’ve somewhat neglected it for a while and my skin has definitely suffered – as i’ve mentioned in a few of my recent posts. As i’ve been on a quest to get my skincare routine back in order i’ve been adding some new products into my routine and so far i’m really loving how my skin is looking, so today I thought i’d share some thoughts about these recent additions.

As my skin has changed a lot, I thought that the products that I used to go for probably wouldn’t work in the same way as they used to so i’ve been trying to add products into my skincare that I haven’t really used before to see how my skin would react and i’ve been seeing some pretty good results so far.

Starting off with cleansing, and cleansing is the only part of a skincare routine that i’ve actually kept up with as face wipes/micellar waters have always been a big no no for my skin as they always dry out my skin, so i’ve been making my way through the cleansers within my collection and I thought it was about time I tried out a new one. Initially I was going to repurchase my trusting Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (£15.50), but when I saw that they had released a limited edition Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Rose & Cedrat (£20.99) I just knew I had to try this out. Firstly what drew me to this product was the larger sized tube and the fact that it comes with 2 muslin cloths, for quite an affordable price and it smells absolutely amazing! Compared to the usual Cleanse & Polish, I find this version is so much more soothing and smoothing on the skin as the rose really helps my skin to look a lot less irritated and the cedrat helps to make my skin look and feel more awake. Overall i’ve really been enjoying this cleanser as it has worked wonders for my skin, i’m just a bit gutted that it is limited edition as it really is amazing!

Another part of my cleansing that i’ve switched up is by using a facial cleansing brush, which i’ve never used before but since bringing the Sensio Spa Deep Pore Cleanser* (£45) into my skincare routine I now understand why some people really do swear by them. I’ve been using this for around two months now, at least two times a week as I find I don’t need to use this every time I cleanse and it really works to get into your pores and give them a good clean. What I find really interesting about this product is that it’s completely different to your typical cleansing brush as it doesn’t have any harsh bristles, instead it pulsates and the silicone bristles work to get into pores so it doesn’t damage or irritate your skin. The only thing I did find with this product is that it does bring out blemishes the first few times you use it, which is to be expected as it does work to draw out all the crap from your skin, but so far it’s been working to give my skin an overall really good cleanse.

Moving onto the after cleansing products that i’ve recently introduced into my routine, of which i’ve already spoken about this first product a few times as I love it so much! This is the Sanctuary Spa Illuminating Beauty Balm* (£), which I won’t bang on about too much as but i’ve been loving using this beauty balm to give my skin a much needed vamp of radiance as it gives this lovely glow that my skin doesn’t possess naturally – fake it until you make it ha! This next product has been my go to moisturiser as of late and this is the Claudia Louch Hydrating Mango Cream* (£61.50). First of all, the packaging of this moisturiser is absolutely stunning and so slick, I just love it! Secondly, the smell of this is anything to make anyone want to try this product as this has a lovely fruity mango scent that I just can’t get enough of. What I really like about this moisturiser is that it is not only moisturising but it is also really soothing on the skin and provides a lovely amount of hydration that my skin needs and i’d highly recommend trying out this product if you’re looking for a more high end moisturiser.

So those are a few recent additions into my skincare routine that I have been absolutely loving as of late!

Have been enjoying any skincare products recently? Leave me some recommendations.