Skincare Loves from Sanctuary Spa

Ever since the new year rolled in I vowed that i’d start taking better care of my skin as i’d been slacking a lot throughout 2015 and my skin showed through the awfully dry stages it has gone through. I’ve recently been trying out some of the new Sanctuary Spa skincare products, which i’ve spoken about briefly before but I wanted to share a little more into how they’ve been working for my skin.

When it comes to skincare, moisturising or hydrating products are the ones I reach for as they are exactly what my skin needs and also loves. Sanctuary Spa is a brand that i’ve known of for a while, as I always see their git sets in Boots at Christmas time but it’s a brand i’ve never really tried anything from up until now so when I saw that they were bringing out a skincare range, I instantly knew it would be right up my street being the skincare junkie that I am.

Whenever my skin is looking a bit down and in need of some much needed hydration I usually will whack on an intense face mask, but often I don’t have enough time and usually my skin needs a little more than a bit of moisturiser. So i’ve recently been turning to the Sanctuary Spa Instant Illuminating Beauty Balm* (£12.99), which kind of says it all in the name but i’ve never really known about or used any beauty balms before. This product is kind of like a moisturiser come highlighter that is packed with so many nutrients including vitamin c and vitamin e that gives my skin this beautiful glow that I would expect of a liquid based highlighter. Using this in the morning before my moisturiser for the past few weeks has given my skin this amazing radiant glow that my skin lacks naturally and i’m absolutely loving using this product.

The second skincare product that i’ve been absolutely loving is the Sanctuary Spa 5-Minute Moisture Boost Mask* (£10) and if you’re a long follower then you’ll know how much I love my skin masks as I feature them a heck of a lot on this little blog. For me i’m all about intensive masks that get the job done and then I can get on with my day and this face mask does exactly that! What I love about this face mask is that it’s jam packed with essential oils and protective natural ingredients that work to not only get your skin all hydrated and wonderful, but it they also protect your skin from the daily pollutants that your skin is exposed to. I use this a few times a week, especially when my skin is looking really dry and in need of a moisture boost, and this works absolute wonders for me!

I have a couple more products from Sanctuary Spa that I cannot wait to try out, so i’ll hopefully report back on those soon as i’m really enjoying their new skincare range so far! They have so many products within their range for pretty much every skin type, so if you’re wanting to try out some new yet affordable skincare, then i’d really recommend checking out Sanctuary Spa!

Have you tried any new products from Sanctuary Spa recently?