Small Handbag Essentials

As you’ve probably noticed i’ve been attempting to switch my content up a bit, as i’ve been looking at back at the kind of content I was posting a year or so ago and I felt like it had been ages since I properly did a what’s in my actual everyday handbag post. So I thought today i’d do an update of my current go to bag and the essential bits I carry around on a daily.

As i’m now in a full time job, where I work in literally the middle of nowhere I don’t really need an awful lot of things on me everyday other than my phone, car keys and laptop. I tend to not take my purse to work purely so I don’t do any sneaky online shopping in my lunch break, but when i’m not at work I use a really small bag as naturally i’m not a big bag kind of girl, as I don’t carry endless amounts of crap that i’ll never need.

So, starting off with my bag and this is actually an old bag that i’ve had for quite some time and you can no longer get this exact bag, but H&M always seem to bring out a Suede Fringe Shoulder Bag (£24.99) every season. I’d had my eye on this for such a long time, and i’d always put off getting it until one day I saw it was the last one left in my local store and I couldn’t leave it there, so she came home with me. I really do love this bag, it’s the perfect size for everything I need to carry and it’s one of those bags that I don’t think will ever go out of trend.

Within my bag I do keep it really simple, carrying literally the only things that I need and nothing more as I was forever carrying things that I never used in an attempt to fill a bag that was evidently too big for me. As always I always have my trusty Whistles Croc Skin Purse, which i’ve had for around two years now and it is still in absolutely amazing condition after such a long time. I’d definitely recommend investing in a good purse, as they really do last and I got this in the Whistles sale so it was quite cheap all in all. As well as carrying my purse around, I also carry my Cath Kidston Card Holder (£6) of which I carry my oyster card for when i’m in London but I also keep my debit card in here for when i’m running errands.

Of course my iPhone 6 comes everywhere with me, and I picked this case up when I was last in London from one of the many touristy shops/stalls and I really like this case. It looks really nice with my phone being gold, it keeps my phone completely scratch free and it has cushioned many dropping of the phone moments, so i’d definitely recommend these phone cases! Something else I picked up on my last trip to London were these beautiful Primark Sunglasses (£3), which are a right dupe for those Dior sunglasses that I will never be able to afford and I have been getting so much wear out of them.

Lastly, the few other bits I keep in my everyday bag are beauty related and you’re probably surprised that I don’t carry more beauty products around, but I’m not one to touch my makeup up throughout the day other than lip products. My lip balm of choice is always the Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm (£9.50) and it always will be! It works absolute wonders on my lips like no other lip balm out there, and I take it everywhere with me! As well as my lip balm, I usually carry a few lip products with me to either top up or if I need to make myself look a little more put together. At the moment i’m loving the new Lancome Juicy Shaker Lip Gloss* (£18) as they are super nourishing on the lips and they are great for a natural everyday wash of colour.

So those are the essential things that I carry around in my everyday bag!

What are your everyday handbag essentials?