Why I’m Falling Out of Love With Blogging

I’ve been thinking of sitting down and writing out a post like this for quite some time now, as i’m sure i’m not the only blogger out there to be feeling the same disconnection and change within the blogging community over the past year or so. I’m not one to really sway from my beauty reviews, but I thought i’d go a little of theme and open up about why i’ve begun to fall out of love with something that I once gained happiness from.

Back when I began blogging over three and half years ago it was all very different back then as blogging was somewhat of a new thing and there weren’t as half as many bloggers or youtubers as there are nowadays and I still to this day remember how much I adored and cherished to be involved in such a lovely community of bloggers and as my blog grew I saw that the community that all of us bloggers surrounded ourselves with grew too, and I felt a real closeness and bond with so many bloggers, like I wasn’t alone. 

Looking back to even just over a year ago I really can say that I miss what blogging was, of course don’t get me wrong the majority is still the same but the shift and change I feel has left not only myself but a fair few of us feeling deflated and disheartened with what the community has become. Admittedly there wasn’t as many bloggers as there are nowadays and it’s obvious that not everyone is going to get a long or see eye to eye, but blogger drama was something that you saw very and I mean very rarely, but nowadays every time I log onto Twitter there is another series of, if i’m honest just down right cattiness and i’ve never been one to enjoy or ever entertain it and it makes me sad. It’s makes me sad to see what once was a community of bloggers supporting everyone’s success and boosting everyones self esteem, to it now being what feels like a drama filled pool that is never ending.

Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely still a community and I still surround myself with those same bloggers that always have been there to support one another but it’s not what it was. Far from it. The reason being, blogging is far more popular and far more saturated compared to what it was when I first started blogging, which is great to see so many of us turning to such a fun and wonderful platform where you can meet and create, I just find it very hard to know where I fit into that anymore and i’m sure i’m not the only one to feel this way. 

Blogging also isn’t what it used to be, for me it changed when I finally landed the job of dreams of which meant my blog took a major backseat and still to this day I still struggle to keep a consistent schedule. With that i’ve noticed a massive decrease, a decrease in conversation, a decrease in engagement and a decrease in what was once something I loved. Granted, again blogging has changed. I can’t remember the last time I left a comment on another blog nor had the time to reply to the lovely comments left on this blog but blogging isn’t as personal as it once was and again it’s sad to see that happen.

Having said all of this, I still love blogging as it brings me something out of the daily routine to look forward to. It gives me a well deserved break, where I can ramble on and share my thoughts with a wonderful community of people and of course there is going to be change, it’s just how we move with that change and accept that change.

If you’ve made it this far, then well done! I hope that i’ve made a somewhat bit of sense and I hope i’m not the only one out there to feel a little bit lost within our massive community.

What are your views on blogging at the moment?