5 Good Things Recently

Recently i’ve been in a really positive and happy mood (despite the fact i’m writing this tucked up in bed on a Saturday with a horrendous cold that i’ve been gifted), and i’ve seen a lot of bloggers sharing some really positive posts recently, so I thought i’d too share some good vibes also. Life is just good at the moment, no amazing but better than it has been and as this blog is sort of a journal, I wanted to not only document but share with you lovely readers.

It’s been a long while since I could fully say I was happy, and although i’m not as happy as I could be i’m definitely a lot happier than I was when I started the year and the past few months have brought some good things to not only be proud of, but to also give me a little confidence and motivation boost that I will always happily welcome. So here are a few good things that have been happening recently…


1. Progressed within my job – A few weeks ago on what initially started out be a somewhat rubbish week at work, I received some really good news as i’ve now been within my job role for over a year. The dedication and hard work that I put into my job has been recognised over the past few weeks and any sort of progression within your career is always a positive, and has gotten me in such a happy mood!


2. Finally got my blog mojo back – You may have noticed that i’ve finally gotten my blogging butt back in gear and i’ve been posting a lot more regularly. I don’t really know what was holding me back, as my work load hasn’t changed in fact it’s gotten harder, but I will say the fact that we have more time for photographing with decent light now that we’re into the summer months has been a massive help!


3. Gotten back on the fitness bandwagon – If you follow me on Twitter, or if you caught my recent fitness post then you’ll know that i’ve gotten back on the fitness bandwagon as i’m going on holiday and if i’m honest I not only want to look good but I want to feel good! I’ve never been that into fitness, but i’ve been motivating myself to go to the gym and to also eat better, and so far I feel so good!


4. Booked a holiday – This isn’t really all that new but I don’t think i’ve properly mentioned about it on the blog, but i’m going on holiday to Ibiza with two of my really good girl friends and I cannot wait! I didn’t go on a holiday last year, and I definitely am in need of one this year that is for sure! As it’s just a little over two months away i’m really starting to look forward to it – although i’m going to come back looking like a lobster!


5. Surrounded myself with people I love – As of recently i’ve started to spend more time with old friends, ones I haven’t seen all that much of due to work and just life. Being there for them and them being there for me has really brought me happiness and contentment with life. It’s true what they say surrounding yourself with negativity only brings you down.


What positive things have been happening in your life recently?