An Introduction to Freedom Makeup

I feel that I always start a blog post off by saying ‘it’s been a while since..’ but my content at the moment has been all about looking at what I used to post that I haven’t for quite some time. Today I thought i’d so a long awaited introduction post to Freedom Makeup, a makeup brand that i’ve recently been trying out some products from and as this brand is super affordable I thought that I needed to tell you all about them!

Freedom Makeup are a relatively new brand brought to us by the ever so amazing team behind Makeup Revolution, who in my opinion have conquered high street makeup like no other brand out there and have since gone onto launch Freedom Makeup. The whole idea behind the brand is that they give you the tools and products at a professional performance level to be completely free with your makeup. I’ve recently been trying out a few of their well loved products, products that i’ve wanted to try for quite some time so i’m really excited to share my thoughts on such a wonderful and affordable brand.

Now i’m not a professional makeup kind of girl, but I can fully appreciate amazing quality makeup and so far i’m really impressed with these few products from Freedom. Starting with base products, and these two products i’ve not really tried anything similar so I was intrigued to see how they worked for me. First up is the Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water* (£6) and i’ve used several primers in my time but i’ve never ever tried a priming water. Initially I thought it would be a little bit like a face mist but this primer is actually really good! I’ve been using this for quite some time now on most days, giving my face a good spritz and allowing it to soak into my skin, and then going ahead applying my makeup as usual. Usually my foundation would dry into my skin really bad throughout the day, but i’ve found that this prolongs my foundation doing this and overall my foundation just sits well on my face throughout the day.

The second base product that i’ve been enjoying quite a lot is the Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream* (£8), which again is a product that i’ve never used before. I’ve used a highlighting primer previously but never any product aimed towards strobing, and being the total strobing virgin that I am I was very baffled by this product. The first few times I used I didn’t really understand how it worked, as it is basically a white cream that has very subtle highlight within it that you apply to the natural highlight areas of the face, and works to attract light to those areas. I kind of use this as I would a primer, applying it to the natural highlight areas of my face but then using any excess on the remainder of my face, and again it just makes my foundation look so much better! I can’t really comment on it’s highlighting capabilities as I need to practice using it more, but I love the way it makes my foundation look.

The last product that i’ve been rather loving from Freedom is the Pro Artist Pad Black Arts Palette* (£15) and I really like this palette for a few different reasons. Firstly, it looks like an iPad which I think is such a fun and quirky packaging idea, and the packaging is really sturdy meaning the palette is well protected. Secondly the range of shades within this palette are so perfect for my eyeshadow needs, with an array of neutral shades ranging from bronzes, golds, browns etc. Now I know my image doesn’t do this palette much justice, but I will be doing a more in depth review on this palette so keep your eyes peeled for that!

So those are a few products that i’ve been absolutely loving from Freedom Makeup and i’m so happy that i’ve been introduced to such an affordable and high quality makeup brand, that is so readily available!

Have you tried any makeup products from Freedom?