Coconut Oil Hacks

I’m not usually one for jumping on lifestyle trends, but when it comes to beauty trends i’m definitely down to give them a go and see how it works for me. Over the past year or so i’ve heard a lot about coconut oil and how it can be used in so many ways beauty wise, and it’s a product that i’ve totally been converted to. I thought i’d put together a post on ways in which I enjoy using coconut oil and it may give you some ideas on how you too can use this completely natural product!

Coconut oil is a product that has definitely become a huge trend in many ways, mainly when it comes to healthy/clean eating as an alternative to using vegetable oils and granted if I were all about eating clean, i’d probably try cooking with it but i’m not a huge fan of the taste. However using coconut oil for many different beauty related things is also really good for you and your body, as you’re not applying as many chemicals/ingredients to your skin that you don’t know an awful lot about. Now I know i’m definitely not the first to post about the way you can use coconut oil and I definitely won’t be the last, but I thought it would be a fun post to do and to share how I love to use it for a lot of beauty related things!

Hydrating hair mask – One of my favourite ways to use coconut oil is as a hair mask. Usually I will slather all of my hair including my scalp a good hour or so before i’m going to wash my hair in order for it to really soak in and do it’s thing. I also sometimes sleep with coconut oil on my hair, as I find this allows it to really do some good and it just works really well to hydrate your hair, whilst also giving your scalp some much needed moisture. I also find that it makes your hair smell amazing, which is a massive bonus!

Nourishing body moisturiser – Now initially the thought of lathering my body in oil seemed a bit of a messy situation as i’ve never been one for oil based moisturisers, but I always found lotion based moisturisers to contain a lot of chemicals that in tail dried my skin out more in the long run. Although I do find using an oil messy, I usually lather this all over my body before going to bed and allowing it to soak in over night, giving it time to soak in and when I wake up my skin not only smells amazing but is so much more soft and glowing. I’ve been using coconut oil on my skin for quite some time now and i’ve noticed such a difference than if I were to use a standard lotion.

Silky shaving cream – Similarly to the last hack, coconut oil is amazing for an alternative to shaving foam/cream. I found this out when I was completely out of shaving gel and in desperate need of shaving my legs, so I decided to apply this to my legs to see how it worked when shaving. I find it really helps to loosen up any hair on the skin, making it easier to shave but it also doesn’t leave your legs feeling dry as a usual shaving gel would.

Heavy duty eye makeup remover – One thing that I always struggle with is removing eye makeup, especially when it comes to waterproof or heavy eye makeup. Usually I use a makeup wipe, as I find that I usually get a lot of product in my eye when using an ordinary makeup remover and wet wipes dry out the skin around my eye. I’ve found using coconut oil works miracle as it breaks down eye makeup like no other without getting product into my eye and it gives the skin around my eyes a much needed burst of moisture that they often don’t get.

Hydrating cleanser/face mask – Similarly to using this as a cleanser and body moisturiser I also love to use coconut oil as a cleanser and face mask as it works wonders at breaking down makeup and giving my skin an amazing boost of moisture. I also find it helps to give my skin a beautiful natural glow that a lot of other products don’t.

So those are the ways that I love to use coconut oil and I cannot wait to find other ways to use coconut oil, including teeth whitening but I haven’t quite mastered that yet.

Do you use coconut oil? How do you use it? Give me some tips and new ideas!