Favourite High End Lipstick Brands

The majority of my posts are tailored more towards those who like me are always on some sort of budget and love a good bargain beauty find. However I thought it had been some time since I featured  higher end beauty products, as we all like to splurge every now and then, and for me my favourite high end beauty item is a lipstick. I thought today i’d share a few of my favourites from three different brands that I adore, and maybe these recommendations may help you deciding on your next high end beauty purchase.

Although I am a huge lover of higher end beauty items, for me it just isn’t a realistic lifestyle choice for me to constantly splurge on higher end makeup when high street makeup has always worked great for me. Having said that, every now and then when I feel like I deserve a nice treat I will usually purchase a perfume or a high end beauty item that i’ve been lusting after for quite sometime, and as lipstick is my favourite beauty item a higher end lipstick is usually my go to.

One of my all time favourite higher end makeup brands hands down has to be Nars. Although I haven’t tried that many products from them overall, they are definitely a brand that go to especially when it comes to beautiful blush palettes and amazing limited edition collections. Last year Nars came out with a new range of Audacious Lipstick (£24), which I was all over and I am now the proud owner of two of these lipsticks. I love every aspect of these lipsticks, from the product themselves to the sleek packaging, they are literally a lipstick dream! As far as I know every shade of these lipsticks has a matte formula, of which is a comfortable matte formula that is beautifully pigmented with an intense colour, so a little definitely goes a long way with these lipsticks. As I mentioned the packaging of these lipsticks matches the formula, matte and sleek with a touch of elegance as this has a magnetic lid so there no worry of the lid coming off in transit. 

Another favourite high end lipstick that i’ve definitely gushed over in many a blog post is the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick (£26), which I think is well loved in the high end beauty world. For me personally what I love about this lipstick is not only the beautiful packaging, but also the silkiness to the formula of this lipstick. It applies like a dream and the creamy yet pigmented formula is so comfortable yet versatile in the sense that you can wear this for any occasion. Going back to the packaging, you cannot deny how stunning these lipsticks are as they are seriously like no other. If I could i’d buy these just for display purposes as they are beautiful!

The last but most recent favourite of high end lipsticks has to be the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick (£23), which I was very lucky to win in a giveaway. That aside i’d been swooning over these lipsticks for such a long time and if you own one, you will know why everyone is falling head over heels for Charlotte Tilbury. Instantly the rose gold packaging of this lipstick is enough to make any beauty lover instantly want to get their hands on one of these lipsticks. Onto the lipstick itself, again this is a beautiful matte formula that is another that I find so comfortable to wear and lasts beautifully throughout the day. The shade I have I would say is a very wearable and versatile shade, but some of the shades are definitely more evening/daring depending on your personal lipstick choice.

So those are a few of my favourite high end lipstick brands, of which I would highly recommend anyone to try out!

What are your favourite high end lipstick brands?