Favourite Summer Accessories

Safe to say this weather has definitely got me in that summer mood where i’m just constantly happy, like the sun rays are just beaming out good vibes and it’s definitely reflected in my the accessories i’ve been reaching for these past couple of weeks. I thought i’d share a few of my current favourites and also ones that i’ll be loving for the rest of the summer.

As i’m going on holiday in just over six weeks i’d say i’m already prepared for summer and I honestly cannot wait for long sunny weekends of sipping on cocktails, chowing down on barbecued foods with all of my favourite people. I’m definitely one of those people that is happy when it’s finally sandal and sunglasses season, and i’ve been enjoying finally getting some wear out of some new pieces, as well as some long time oldies.

The first accessory I have been loving are these Custom Sunglasses* (£22.37) from GlassesShop.com. After having a little browse through their wide selection of glasses and different glasses frames I finally opted for this beautiful pair, which I got customised into sunglasses with a brown lens as I find this suits my eye colour and skin tone the best. I love the wayfarer style to these glasses as they are a style that I find really suits my face shape, and the quality of these are just impeccable, so i’ve been getting a lot of wear out of these. What is also great is that any of their glasses can be customised to have a prescription lens if you wear prescription sunglasses or glasses, and although I don’t personally I think that it’s well worth noting as they have such a large selection. If you’re wanting to pick yourself up some new sunglasses or prescription sunglasses, then be sure to check out GlassesShop.com and make sure you use my 50% off code ‘GSHOT50′.

Another summer accessory favourite must have for me is about 5-6 pairs of beautiful sandals, and this year i’ve been on the hunt for a pair or two that are slightly different. With this lace up detail being a huge trend at the moment I knew I wanted a pair that had this type of fastening, and when I saw the New Look Animal Lace Up Sandal (£18.99) I was sold! I love the croc style print to them and the lace up detailing is so nice. I’ve been wearing these so much these past few weeks and they are the comfiest sandals that i’ve had in a long time!

Moving onto jewellery, and for me I don’t tend to switch up my jewellery all that much as I wear the same few rings and necklace 24/7. My favourite necklace to wear is the Muru London Wishbone Rose Gold Necklace* (£54) and i’ve featured this so many times across many of my social media accounts. I absolutely adore this necklace as it instantly adds a lovely element to any outfit and it is made of such great quality and craftsmanship. Some other accessories that I like to wear in the summer are earrings with a little extra detail, but so they are still minimal and also rings that have a vintage feel to them.

What are you favourite summer accessories?