Maintaining The Brows

Following on from my recent post where I talked about some of my favourite products for maintaining my brunette hair in between dying, another aspect of that maintainance are my brows. As i’m blessed with naturally blonde eyebrows i’m always giving them a good tint to get them looking more defined, and I thought i’d share my current favourite product to do that.

Whenever it comes to dying my roots i’d always give my brows a touch up with whatever hair dye I was usimg, which I know a lot of people say not to but i’ve never had any issues and it gives my brows a good level of colour. Quite a lot of my friends have suggested getting my brows tinted but being the budget gal that I am, I can’t really justify the cost of getting them retinted constantly but that was until I was introduced to the idea of at home brow tinting kits.

I’d heard of a few brow tint kits where you can tint your brows at home and achieve the same effect that you would in a salon, but I was always a little skeptical as to how good they were. I was recently sent over the Color Sport 30 Day Brow Tint* (£8.25) to try as I had seen a lot of bloggers and youtubers raving about how good this brow tint is, along with a few other products from the brand so I just had to try it for myself. 

A few weekends ago I was finally getting round to touching up my roots as they were quite dreadful to be honest and whilst my hair colour was developing I thought i’d give this brow tint a go and see how well it worked out for me. The kit itself is really easy and straightforward to use, it’s kind of similar to a hair dye kit where you mix two formulas together to create your dye mixture, however this can be reused which is so handy! As the instructions stated, I lined any skin around my brows with some vaseline and combed the dye mixture through my brows and left this to develop for total time recommended, of five minutes.

Initially I was a little worried that five minutes wouldn’t be long enough, as my brows aren’t naturally dark and when I dye my brows usimg my hair dye, this only lasts for two weeks before my natural colour reappears. Having said that, all worries aside five minutes was actually enough time to give my brows a lovely natural tint that i’m really pleased with. So far it has lasted really well and the colour hasn’t really faded at all which i’m really impressed with. Next time I do tint my brows I may be naughtly and exceed the maximum time just to see if this gives my brows a darker tint, nut I will report back on that.

Overall i’m totally sold on the at home brow tinting concept and i’m so happy with how this product makes my brows look! 

Have you tried any at home brow tinting products?