Current Base Combo from Claudia Louch

With summer just suddenly springing upon us and me feeling the need to whack on the fake tan to avoid looking pastey, i’ve switched around the base products that i’ve been using these oast few weeks. As a long time lover of Claudia Louch and her amazing products, I thought i’d update you on some new products and why they are my current base choices! 

When it comes to base makeup my usual choices are from a few favourite high street brands that i’ve loved and used for years, and i’ve never really ventured into higher end brands mainly because i’ve never felt the need to. However, when the lovely team behind Claudia Louch got in touch to try out some new base products, I instantly knew I just had to as all of her products are derma-logically tested and hypo allergenic which is great for us sensitive skin gals.

The first product that i’ve been wearing nearly every single day for the past few weeks is the Claudia Louch High Defintion Foundation* (£52.50), which was a little unexpected as i’d not really come across any derma logical high definition base products, so I was quite intrigued. Now, I initially requested the lightest shade, but the shade that arrived is actually quite dark for my natural pale skin so I knew this would be perfect for when i’d fake tanned, so I whipped some fake tan on and boom, perfect match. What I really like about this foundation is that it has a really good amount of coverage with the smallest amount of product, and gives a lovely evem finish. It definitely lives up to it’s HD name and it has a lovely dewy finish that makes my skin look so radiant, and this stays put so well throughout the day! I’ve also found that it works so well to hide any spots or blemishes that I have, which is always a bonus in my eyes!

Moving ontonthe second base product that i’ve been loving and this is the Claudia Louch Mineral Loose Powder* (£47.50). I’m a huge lover of loose powders especially when it comes to setting my makeup/base. This powder is different to my usual go to loose powder as it isn’t translucent and I find it has a very small amount of shimmer running through it that gives a very subtle and natural highlight, whilst also working so well to set your foundation for the day. The only mistake I made with this was removing thr plastic film, so it can be a little messy but it is totally worth it! 

Using these two products together has beem an absolute dream, especially in this weather as the foundation gives a beautiful finish and a dewy glow, yet the mineral powder works to set the foundation whilst giving a very subtle highlight. If you’re on the market for a more up market and derma logically tailored makeup then i’d highly recommend trying out Claudia Louch’s products.

What are your current favourite base products?