Nude Lipstick Lovin’

Never did I ever think i’d be writing up a blog post about nude lipsticks, but here I am. Over the past few months i’ve really changed my attitude towards nude lipsticks, mainly because I was very uneducated and I wasn’t really aware that pinky nude shades existed. As i’ve been reaching for more nude shades recently, over my well loved pinks I thought i’d share a few of my favourites.

Surprisingly my Mum introduced to me two of these lipsticks, as she loves her nude shades mainly more brown nudes whereas nudes just don’t suit me, or so I think. Any who, she was wearing one of these shades and it really caught my eye as a shade that I would actually wear, and since then i’ve been converted into loving a more pinky nude shade. These shades that i’ve been wearing lately are such good quality and they are so affordable, so I just knew that I had to share them with you guys!

I’ve briefly spoken about Essence Lipsticks before as i’d seen a few bloggers raving about some their nude shades and funnily enough my Mum happened to jump on that bandwagon before me (beauty blogger in the making or what?!). I’ve recently been loving the Essence ‘Come Naturally’ Longlasting Lipstick (£2.30) which is the middle shade in the image and this is a beautiful mauve nude shade that is very different to any lipstick shade that i’ve ever owned. In certain lights this has a slight purple tint to it, that I really like. I’ve also been loving the Essence ‘Cool Nude’ Longlasting Lipstick (£2.30), which is a slightly more pinky nude shade and this is the one that i’ve been wearing on a daily basis as of late. I really like these lipsticks as they are SO creamy, but so long lasting throughout the day that anyone would be happy with for a lipstick that costs as little as these do! If you haven’t checked out any products from Essence, then i’d definitely recommend checking them out!

A more recent addition to my nude lipstick collection, granted it’s not very big is the Newlook Pure Colour Matte ‘Sweet Rose’ Lipstick (£3.99). I picked this up after a few friends of mine were raving about the Newlook makeup range, and for some reason i’d not heard anything about it so I just had to check it out for myself. My local store didn’t actually have much stock, but from what was there it looked really impressive and I walked away with this lipstick, and so far i’m really pleased with it. The shade is somewhat similar to the Essence ‘Cool Nude’ Lipstick, but the formula is a lot more matte in comparison. What I like about this matte is that it is not uncomfortable what so ever and the colour lasts really well throughout the day. I’ll definitely be picking up some more of these lip colours and trying out some more makeup products from Newlook.

What are you favourite nude shades?