Thing’s I’ve Learnt From Growing Up

I’ve been loving typing up these more chatty style posts recently and you guys seem to be enjoying them to, as I guess they are somewhat relatable and also offer a little advice that maybe you needed. Over the past year or so i’d definitely say i’ve grown up a lot, although I am already quite mature sometimes in life you just have to grow up and I thought i’d share a few things i’ve learnt over the past year or so with growing up and becoming more on an adult (or so I think).

A lot of you may relate to this where although you are pretty self dependant and you’d consider yourself pretty mature, some things in life really do make you grow up. Whether it be a relationship, a job or even having a child, there are many reasons in life that you just have grow up and for me it has mainly been my job. My previous job although I worked really hard, I worked with a lot of my friends where we could have a laugh and not take everything too seriously, whereas my job now is so much different and although I can have a laugh from time to time this job is actually the first job within my chosen career path, so it’s a lot more serious and I have to be professional within my job role.

Within the past year of being in my job, so many things have changed and i’ve definitely learnt things that I didn’t know before or never thought would happen to me, and I thought it would be fun to share some of these with you all, and hopefully offer some advice when dealing with these situations.

1. Friends come and go – This is something i’ve learnt a lot over the recent years, and it’s so true. The people that you go through school and/or college with you think you’ll speak to forever but in hindsight I only have one good friend from college. I’ve also had a couple friendships break down over the past couple of years, and it’s mainly through those people not being a good friend to me, and you’ll learn that it’s okay to separate yourself from people like that. 

2. You don’t know everything – This is one that I think everyones knows, but we still continue through thinking that we know everything and know how to do everything, when realistically Google is my best friend!  

3. Things won’t turn out as you expected – Over the past few years this has been a major lesson learnt, and for me uni didn’t turn out as I expected. Although I came out of it with a degree and i’ve gone on to land a job in the subject I studied, my overall uni experience was not what I expected at all! This can also work the other way, where things turn out so much better than first expected but I always try not to set standards or expectations too much, because I have learnt that things will go however they want to go.

4. People are selfish – Hate to say it, but it is so true! It is definitely good to be selfish once in a while, as looking after yourself is key but i’ve learnt that people will throw you under the bus to get to where they want in life and to be honest it sucks. I usually don’t surround myself with people who literally just care about themselves, because in tail I know i’m going to get hurt one way or another and although that may sound selfish, it’s a good kind of selfish. 

5. Your intuition is always right – This, I could preach until i’m blue in the face. You know when you have a gut feeling about someone, but you think you’re probably wrong? – 99.9% of the time you are right! 

6. Money worry is so real – Oh how I miss the days of being young and having no responsibility, but it’s definitely true that you will worry about money at some stage of your life. I’m not usually one to worry and I probably don’t worry about money as much as other people out there do, but I now see and understand why my parents would worry about money, and that it doesn’t just grow on trees.

7. Making mistakes is okay – This one is something I remind myself of on a daily, that nobody is perfect and it is totally okay to mess up. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s what makes us human!

What have you learnt from growing up?