Esqido ‘Miss Dolly’ Mink Lashes & Lash Glue

If you follow me on my social media sites, then you’ll know that i’m partial to a night out or two here and there. I love getting myself all dressed up with a killer tan and a killer outfit to go with it but false lashes were a somewhat thing of the past for me as I just found them to be such an annoyance. Until the lovely team as Esqido got in contact about their amazing range of mink lashes, so I thought it was only right to share my thoughts on what have changed my opinion on lashes forever.

My history of wearing false eyelashes goes back to pre uni days, where i’d just somehow stick them on my lids and hope for the best – standard! I’d always find synthetic lashes somewhat uncomfortable and the cheap tacky glues that game with them often irritated my eyes and is the main reason as to why I decided to ditch false lashes all together. So when it came to trying out real mink lashes I was really intrigued as to what made them different and why so many bloggers raved about them.

The difference between your normal, cheap synthetic eyelashes and mink eyelashes is that they use real mink fur that is shed naturally in order to make the lashes a lot more long lasting quality wise and they are so much more comfortable to wear as they are so soft in comparison to usual synthetic lashes. The Esqido Miss Dolly Lashes* ($35) are especially my favourites as they are so natural looking, yet give such amazing results but it honestly feels like you’re not wearing any lashes what so ever. I’ve worn these a couple of times now and I just love how they make my eyes look, as I find lashes really help to finish off your look and also make your eyes just look stunning! Another thing worth noting is that these still look as good as new after a few wears, just as long as you don’t use any mascara or eyeliner after applying them, which is a bonus as I find synthetic lashes never are as good after they’ve been worn once or twice.

I also find that using the Esqido Companion Longlasting Bond* ($10) to be another factor as to why these lashes are so good! You apply this as you would any normal eyelashes glue, wait for it to dry somewhat and then apply the lashes as you would normally. The only difference is that is doesn’t contain any latex, which I think is what would normally irritate my eyes in any normal eyelash glue and it doesn’t ruin the eyelashes either. What I find so good about this glue is that you literally need the smallest amount and it will make these lashes last so well. I wore these for a good 10 hours this weekend just gone and they did not budge one bit! 

If you’re wanting to try out mink lashes, then i’d definitely recommend trying out Esqido as they have a massive range of different lashes with different finishes and they offer really affordable shipping to the UK!

Have you tried out mink lashes?