How To Be a Morning Person

Being a morning person I will admit is something I have never been good at, but lets be honest we can’t spend all day in bed as much as we all really want to. I thought today i’d do another tips style post, as you have all been enjoying them as of late and I thought i’d share some tips on how to get through those early mornings.

Early mornings are definitely like hell, sometimes but we all have to do it whether it be getting up early for work, school or just whatever plans you may have going on that day. Although being a morning person can come easily to some, it definitely takes a little getting used to and i’ve definitely found ways of becoming more of a morning person.

Getting an early night – For me I always try to go to sleep no later than 11pm, but usually i’ll start to wind down around 9pm by just watching some tv in bed. I find that allowing myself to get a somewhat early night and a decent 7 hours of sleep means that I just generally feel really well rested and ready for the day ahead.

Showering in the morning – Another thing I do to make myself feel more awake in the morning, is by showering first thing in the morning. There is nothing better than a lovely hot shower to get yourself not only feeling good for the day ahead, but I find the steam from the water really wakes me up.

Breakfast is the most important meal – It’s definitely true as I find that if I don’t eat breakfast I really do lag energy wise and my brain just isn’t as active as I need it to be. I usually try to have cereal thats low in sugar, as I don’t want to be on a sugar high first thing in the morning and crash later on in the day.

Alarms and lots of them – Lets be real here, getting up early definitely sucks when all you want to do is to stay snuggled under the duvet. So in order to make sure I get up on time, I set myself 3-4 alarms to allow myself to wake up gradually in the morning so that when I do get up i’m somewhat already awake. It also means I don’t feel as tired believe it or not.

Prepare the night before – This seems like a no brainer, but planning and prepping the night before allows you to not only not rush around in the morning thus stressing you out, but it also means you can get a few extra minutes in bed. For me I usually prepare my gym stuff, lunch and even wash my hair the evening before, but I don’t go all out by planning my outfits as I can wear pretty much anything (within reason).

Persevere – If you’re not a morning person, you can definitely train yourself to become one and after a year or so of getting up no later than 7am, my natural body clock will wake me naturally no later than 8am/9am on a non working day. Which for me is great, as it means I can get more done throughout the day if I want to or I can choose to stay in bed that little longer.

So those are a few tips of ways to become more of a morning person and ways i’ve found help me to feel more energised and prepared for the day ahead.

What things help you in being a morning person?