Mastering The Flat Lay – Tips & Tricks

As you have all been loving my recent tips and tricks style posts I thought i’d continue with one of the main aspects of blogging, flat lays! Over the past three years my blog photos have come on leaps and bounds, through upgrading my camera equipment and generally just learning more about not only photography but how to layout my blog images. So I thought today i’d share some tips on mastering the perfect flat lay shot.

Back when I started blogging, these tips and tricks style posts didn’t exist mainly because blogging wasn’t as diverse as it is now and I feel that some newer bloggers definitely would benefit from a helping hand, as I didn’t have it when I began blogging and also for those looking to improve their blog photography.

Use a simple background – Back in the day I didn’t put much thought into my images and I’d leave any random object in the background of my pictures, which is never a good look. Over the past few years i’ve learnt that using a really simple and clean background to be the best thing to do, as your images look clean and it means there aren’t any object distracting from the main focus of the image. For me I usually use a white surface, either my desk or my duvet (when it’s white) and for me these are the cleanest backgrounds to use.

Use props and play around – Another thing that makes or breaks a flat lay in my opinion are the props that you use. For me i’ve found my few favourites, but its good to play around and use different props here and there. My favourite props to use are pretty notebooks, cute dishes and makeup brushes as I find these fill any empty spaces without looking out of place. You can also add things like rings and hair grips, but if i’m honest you’ll find what works for you.

Good lighting – This is kind of the number one rule when it comes to blog photography, it’s using good lighting. For me natural light is the best and I make sure the surface i’m using is near a window where there is a good source of light. Some bloggers also photograph outside, using a large white foam board which I personally haven’t tried but it definitely works for some people.

Hold your camera high – This sounds like a random one, but in order to master a good flat lay is by making sure you’re camera is high enough to get a good picture. Back in the day I used to just angle my camera, whereas now you’ll see me standing either on my tip toes or on a chair in order to get my camera as high as possible.

Be patient and take several pictures – For me practice makes perfect and a flat lay is definitely a working progress. Sometimes I can get it in one picture, but I find that being patient and taking a few different images at different angles to be the best as it gives me enough options when it comes to editing them.

Blue tac is your best friend – When I began taking a little more pride in my blog pictures it used to really wind me up when my products wouldn’t stay still and after a few months I had a sudden realisation that using blue tac was the saviour that I needed! It stops your products rolling around everywhere and it means your flat lays are that little less hassle free.

Get inspired – For me if i’m in a bit of a rut or i’m in need of some new ideas I turn to other bloggers , instagram or pinterest for new flat lay ideas. Whether it be props or just ways to switch up how i’m laying out my images I find it to be so useful and refreshing!

What things do you find helps perfect your flatlays?