The Glowing Legs Duo

As i’ve been mentioning quite a lot recently i’ve been self tanning quite a bit recently and I wanted to start sharing some of the products that i’ve been particularly enjoying as of late. A few products i’ve found often work hand in hand, and i’ve found two that work amazingly at giving my legs an instant and beautiful glow. 

Over the past few months of trialling and testing various different self tanners i’ve come to find that there are so many that work for me, but I often struggle when it comes to the leg department. Although I always use a mitt when applying my tans I always find I either get some sort of streaky line or I find the tan really clings to my ankle region. Having said that, i’ve recently found that these two products work amazingly especially for when you’re wanting a bit of colour on your legs and they are really good for if you’re in a rush and have forgotten to tan for an occasion.

The first product that I always turn to when i’m in need of some lovely glow on my pins is a tan that is formulated or designed to work specifically on your legs. A recent addition into my ever growing tan collection is a recent new formula release from one of my favourite tanning brands and this is the Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs* (£7.99). What is different about this product is that it is a spray tan, which i’ve used before hand but i’ve never had a good experience with them. Much to my experience, I thought you had to apply the spray directly onto your skin, however you can use this spray in the same way as a normal tan by spraying this directly onto a tanning mitt and buffing this into the skin. The medium bronze shade of this tan I find is perfect to give your legs a lovely instant layer of colour that is glowy and natural, as i’ve found some other leg tanners can be really orange and drying on the skin.

Another product that i’ve found works hand in hand with the Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs in order to top up and also hydrate the skin is the Sanctuary Spa Wonder Body* (£8). This product is an all in one body moisturiser that is jam packed with many benefits including hydrating, illuminating, correcting to name a few and it contains a lovely tint that makes your skin just look luminous and glowy instantly. I love using this to give a fake tan that lift it needs after a couple of days as it smells amazing, leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft and with a beautiful sun kissed glow.

So those are my favourite products to use when my legs are in need of much needed boost of colour. Over the next few weeks i’ll be posting more about some of my favourite self tanners, as i’ve been trialling and testing quite a few recently.

What are your favourite self tanners?