July Goals

It’s been a little while since i’ve spoken about life in general, and if you’ve been a long time follower you’ll know that a lot has happened in the past year or so for me. I thought it would be nice to switch it up from the beauty posts and focus a little bit on life and the exciting things i’ve got to look forward to.

For me, June through to August are usually the months where I really enjoy myself for many reasons, but also with the sun shining and the evenings being longer it really makes me love life that little bit more. As i’ve seen a few bloggers doing monthly goal posts, I thought it would be fun to join in and set myself some goals for the next month or so.

1. Have the most amazing time on holiday – Some of you may know that I’m going on holiday, in fact i’m currently sunning myself as we speak (thank god for scheduling right?!). It’s been two years since i’ve been on a proper holiday and boy do I need one! I’ve been so excited on the build up to this holiday, especially as it is with two of my bestest girls so i’m making it a goal to enjoy every minute of it!

2. Celebrate turning another year older – Another big thing that happens in July is my birthday, and although I don’t want to be turning 23, i’m so excited! My birthday last year wasn’t great, and i’m really looking forward to properly celebrating this year with some friends, new and old that mean the world to me.

3. Keep up on the fitness – In prep for holiday i’ve really been going hard in the gym, but unfortunately my gym buddy has now left me to go travelling for the year and I feel that I may struggle a little without her. Even though the gym has mainly been for holiday, I definitely want to keep it up and feel even better about myself.

4. Make some great memories – Over the past few months i’ve really become happy and back to my normal myself and I feel that it’s time to finally make some memories with the wonderful people that I have in my life!

5. Be happy – Following on from the last goal, I mainly just want to continue to be happy and feel as good as I do right now!

What are your goals for the next few months?