Lancome Grandiose Liner

I’ve noticed recently that it has been a long time since i’ve fully reviewing a singular product, where I hole heartedly dedicate a post to one product. Although i’ve still been reviewing products, I feel that when i’m talking about more than one product I sometimes miss out details or don’t give a good enough review. So I thought today I’d tell you all about a recent release from Lancome that i’ve been really enjoying as of late, and I think any winged liner fans out there will too!

Lancome is a brand that I am fairly new to in all honesty, mainly because it’s a brand that i’ve never learnt that much about nor is it a brand that I see a lot of. That was until recently, i’ve noticed that Lancome have somewhat upped their PR and are now coming to us bloggers to help promote their newly released products. I do love when brands fully see the potential in bloggers, but also when they see the potential in us less well known bloggers.

A product that has been recently released and an addition to the brands iconic Grandoise line, comes the new Lancome Grandoise Liner* (£23), which is an innovative new product that is like no liner that i’ve ever come across. What makes it so innovative is that it’s unique bendable design has been created to help us winged liner noobs that constantly fail at perfecting the winged liner look. When I first received this product I initially was thinking ‘oh god, a bendable liner what a mess that is going to be’ but that was until I realised that it’s not the nib that is bendy, it’s actually the plastic handle that clicks into a few different positions in order to get the perfect angle and pivot to get the perfect winged liner look.

As i’ve recently in the last six months really gotten back on the winged liner ‘hype’ if you will, this product really excited me as I can be quite picky when it comes to liners. I’m not a huge fan of felt tip liners as they aren’t dark enough for my liking, and those thin bristled liners are just a mess waiting to happen. This eyeliner however has a tapered nib, which is very similar to my well loved Collection Fast Stroke (£), but this has completely blown that out of the water as I have managed to nail my liner perfect every single time that i’ve used this product, it’s bloody brilliant!

What I love about this is that the bendable handle really allows you to get such a precise angle, where you can see exactly what you’re doing and you can really get into the roots of your lashes to ensure a precise finish. I also find that I can almost achieve perfect symmetry between the two eyes, which i’ve never been able to come near with previous products so that for me is a big bonus! Lastly, the formula of the product itself, again is amazing as it is dark and has a beautiful matte finish that I love but it also lasts amazingly throughout the day, as i’ve truly trialled and tested over the past few weeks.

If you’re on the hunt for a new eye liner, one that is designed for us winged liner noobs then this is the liner for you!

Have you tried out any good eyeliners recently?