Bargain Ebay Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set Dupe

Makeup brushes are definitely a beauty weakness of mine, and my brush collection is forever growing so when I saw Makeup Savvy’s recent blog post reviewing a few stunning makeup brush sets from eBay I just couldn’t not order a set, especially as they were so affordable and are absolutely stunning. I thought i’d share some initial thoughts and to also give some of you the opportunity to also swoon on the beauty of these brushes!

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a Zoeva brush set for such a long time, but I just cannot justify the price tag especially when I already own a large variety of different makeup brushes. So when I saw that a dupe set was doing the rounds on eBay, I was all over it! I’ve previously purchased makeup brushes from eBay and I honestly cannot complain at how well they have lasted over the past few years, so I wasn’t concerned in regards to the quality of these brushes when I ordered them and I waited with bated breath for them to arrive.

This eBay 8-Piece Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set (£4.84) is a stunning makeup brush set containing a selection of eight face and eye brushes all with a lovely rose gold and blush white wooden handles that are absolutely stunning. This set contains a buffing brush, powder/blush brush, a contour brush and a selection of eye brushes including a brow brush, an angled liner brush and three eyeshadow brushes. For a set priced at less than £5, you cannot complain as you get literally every single brush you would need in one set.

I’ve been using this brush set for a few days now and so far i’m really liking the buffing brush as it gives my foundation a lovely finish and does an amazing job of buffing it into my skin. I’ve also been putting a few of the eye brushes through the test as i’ve begun wearing eyeshadow a little more recently and so far i’m really impressed. The quality of these brushes compares to my more expensive brushes as the bristles are so soft and so far i’ve not experienced any fall out from the bristles which is always a positive sign.

Apart from these brushes being so lovely to use, they also look absolutely stunning and so far i’m really enjoying using these as not only makeup brushes but as props in my blog pictures! The rose gold is just a lovely touch and I cannot stop swooning at how pretty they are!

Have you tried any bargain brush sets from eBay?