Blossoming Gifts Flower Review

Flowers are definitely a rare sight in my life as it’s not very often that I get bought flowers, nor do I buy flowers for myself as I tend to appreciate them more when someone has gifted them to me for whatever reason, whether it be in celebration or hard times. Flowers are the one thing that can definitely brighten up any girls day and I just love how flowers can really make someone happy, so when the lovely team at Blossoming Gifts got in contact, I couldn’t say no to receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Blossoming Gifts is an online gift shop that specialises in flower gift bouquets, hampers and other gifts including personalised stationary, jewellery, photo frames and so much more! As i’ve gotten older i’ve learnt that you can’t always be with your loved ones on their special day and Blossoming Gifts makes it easy for you to send a beautiful gift to your loved ones even when you can’t be there!

I love the idea of being able to send flowers in the post, as it can instantly brighten anyones day so when I was offered the chance to receive a beautiful bouquet I couldn’t say no! After scouting through the website and eyeing up several different bouquets I finally settled on the Pink Bunting Bouquet* (£26.99). As i’m a huge lover of both roses and lilies this seemed like the perfect summer bouquet with the little daisies and beautiful vibrant pink carnations adding a lovely touch of English summer time to them. 

This beautiful bouquet was delivered within two days of my order being placed and arrived in a large box, which had my work colleagues thinking I had some secret admirer! The box was packed out in order for the flowers to be transported safely without them being damaged, which is always a concern when it comes to delicate deliveries but mine arrived in perfect condition. The flowers also came wrapped with an absorbent pad that allowed the flowers to stay hydrated whilst in transit and also a small bag of flower food in order to keep them alive that little bit longer.

Overall the flowers lasted really well and the bouquet itself looked absolutely beautiful, and added a lovely splash of colour to my dressing table. After around a week of having the flowers the roses had began to die off and look a little worse for wear, as roses don’t tend to last that long so I always find, whereas the lilies had only just began to open. This can’t always be helped but it did mean that the bouquet looked like it had a little refresh and ultimately lasted a really good amount of time in my opinion.

Overall i’m really pleased with my delivery from Blossoming Gifts and i’d definitely recommend to anyone if you’re looking to order a gift for a loved one, or even fancy treating yourself. If you do decide to place an order, make sure to use my discount code ‘BGIFTS33’ to receive 33% off your order!

Have you received any flowers recently?