Summer Beauty I’ll Be Taking into Autumn

In the past few days i’ve seen so many bloggers getting themselves so excited for autumn, and although i’m not a huge fan of the dark and cold night, I am excited to start burning all the candles and wrapping myself up under a warm cosy duvet and just enjoying all the things autumn has to offer. I thought i’d talk about transitioning into autumn beauty wise, and which product i’ve been loving from summer that i’ll definitely be using into the colder months.

When it comes to the autumn months, my makeup/beauty regime doesn’t change all that drastically but there are certain products that I use more in summer than I do autumn/winter and vice versa. Having said that i’ve definitely discovered some amazing products during the summer months, that I know i’ll be getting so much use out of throughout these colder months and I wanted to share these with you guys!


Starting with my favourite base product of this entire year, and I believe I began using this at the end of winter coming into spring and is one i’ll be using for many years to come. This is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (£7.99), and I have a few different shades of this as I do love to wear fake tan in the summer but in the past week of so i’ve scrubbed all of my tan off and I have reverted back to my lightest shade, which i’m a little sad about but I bloody love this foundation. It has a lovely medium build able coverage that has a lovely level of dewiness that is just right for me! I’ve always been a huge fan of Rimmel, especially their foundations and if like me you have somewhat dry skin then you’ll definitely get on well with this! Another product that i’ve been loving for quite a good time now, and is a product I believe I loved through winter last year is the Benefit Rockatuer Blush (£23.50) as it looks amazing all year round and on any skin tone in my opinion. I love this when i’m pale and also tanned, as it gives a lovely flush of colour and a slight highlight that just looks unreal!


Moving onto products that i’ve only been using for a few months that i’ve loved so much that I know i’ll be using for many months to come! Starting with the Kylie Jenner Candy K Lip Kit ($29), which I have in a few shades but the shade Candy K is definitely the perfect autumnal nude shade that again looks killer with a tan or in all of my pale glory! I haven’t raved too much about these but I bloody love them, the formula is amazing and the lasting power is like no product i’ve tried before. Although they are an absolute ball ache to get hold of, they are SO worth it! Another product that has a massive hype around it that is SO worth it is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit (£39), which I kindly received for my birthday. This highlight palette is absolutely beautiful, and it again it looks beautiful on when I have a tan but also when i’m pale, and I know i’ll be getting a lot of love during the autumn and winter months!


The last product that i’ve been loving from the most recent months comes from the new Benefit brow products, and you’ll probably know how much i’ve been loving the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil (£18.50), but alongside that i’ve also been loving the Benefit Ready, Set, Brow Gel (£18.50). In all honesty when it comes to brow products I do use a selection of different products to fill in my brows, but i’ve always struggled with brow setting products. That was until I found this product and it is bloody amazing! You might think ‘it’s just a clear mascara’, but i’ve never found a product that sets my brows and keeps them in place like this product!


So those are a few products that I will be taking into autumn and after typing this up i’m so excited to get burning all my candles, and to begin prepping for Christmas!


What products do you love to use in autumn?