Making The Most of Autumn

There are so many ways in which you can embrace Autumn time rather than complaining about the cold weather, which I know i’m definitely guilty of but what I love about Autumn is embracing the festive holidays and doing the things you don’t get to do during the summer time. I thought i’d put together an Autumnal style post and share the ways in which I want to embrace Autumn this year, and how can too also.

When it comes to Autumn, for me it’s a very happy time of the year as the festive holidays seem to all happen towards the end of the year, where family and friends come together and there is nothing better than being surrounded by those who you care about the most. With that comes coping with the cold weather and the dark nights, but there are definitely ways in which you can still enjoy this time of the year. 

  • Buy all the autumnal candles – For me buying and burning all the candles possible happens during the winter time, as I absolutely love the wintery spicy scents and making my room all warm and toasty. 
  • Go pumpkin picking – Once October rolls round everyone gets into the spirit of Halloween and recently i’ve seen so many people going pumpkin picking, and it’s something i’ve never done but really want to. Although it’s more an American tradition, it definitely is one way to embrace this time of year and enjoy this holiday.
  • Stock up on Lush products – If you needed an excuse to go on a massive Lush spree then doing so during the Autumn months is the perfect excuse. What with their limited edition Halloween range hitting stores earlier this month, closely followed by their highly anticipated Christmas stock it’s the perfect reason to stock up, and to enjoy all the Lush baths.
  • Cozy up on cold evenings – There is nothing better than cozying up in your comfiest pj’s and wrapping up in a warm fluffy blanket, and catching up on your favourite TV shows. Especially if you’re not wanting to brave the chilly evenings.
  • Go to a bonfire and watch a fireworks display – Following on from Halloween comes Guy Fawkes night, better known as Bonfire Night and there is nothing better than letting of fireworks with your family and writing your name using sparklers. I didn’t go to any fireworks display last year, and I definitely missed out.
  • Drink endless amounts of hot chocolate – I’m not a fan of the spice pumpkin hot drinks that come out during autumn/winter, but I do love drinking copious amounts of caramel hot chocolate in ordered to keep me warm and toasty. 
  • Decorate the house for Autumn – I love seeing all of the Autumnal themed home decorations, especially from places like Home Sense and The Range, and if I had my own home/flat i’d be going interior mad, and redecorating for the season. Unfortunately i’ll have to settle for a pumpkin and some candles!
  • Buy all of the cute knitwear – One thing I love about Autumn is dressing for the weather. I absolutely love nothing more than wrapping up in big snuggly jumpers and thick a thick wooly hat! 

So those are the few ways that i’m doing to embrace the chilly Autumnal season and i’m already really enjoying the season, even if it is freezing cold already!

How are you embracing Autumn?