Lancome Tient Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation & Blush Review

In my recent September Favourites post you’ll have seen me absolutely raving about a new foundation  from Lancome that has recently made it’s way into my everyday makeup routine, and with that foundation also came a sister product that i’ve been loving also! As so many of you were intrigued by this foundation in my recent post, I thought i’d give a full review and expand more on why i’ve been loving this foundation.

Recently Lancome have really come through and stepped up their marketing campaigns, as a lot more bloggers including myself have began receiving their latest launches and truthfully I think it’s amazing that more brands are beginning to get smaller bloggers on board. Also it’s really lovely when a brand recognises little me and this little corner of mine on the internet, as it really gives me a sense of fulfilment.

Moving onto the products in question, as Lancome have recently launched their very own cushion line of beauty products with cushion style products being a huge beauty trend at the moment, and so many brands also jumping on the bandwagon. With that comes the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation* (£30) which is like no other foundation that i’ve ever tried before. The idea and design behind this foundation is designed to be easily portable and compact, but also to be refillable so when you’ve used up all of the liquid foundation you can purchase a refill that houses itself within the gold and black compact packaging. Design wise I think this is amazing as it means your not transporting around a clunky glass bottle and it means you’re throwing away less packaging, as you’re reusing the actual branded casing.

The foundation itself is a high coverage liquid foundation that is designed to give a long lasting skin perfecting glow that I absolutely love and I find this foundation to be so lightweight on the skin which somewhat surprised me, especially as this foundation is a high coverage foundation. With this foundation being housed under a mesh like sheet, application wise this so different to my usual pump liquid foundations. You simply use the sponge thats comes with this foundation or any of your own foundation brushes, and you just dab and press into the cushion like packaging in order for the foundation to transfer through. Overall I absolutely love this foundation as it is like no other foundation that I have tried. It provides such a lovely coverage to the skin that is luminous and lightweight, and it lasts so well throughout the day!

Moving onto it’s sister product and another that really surprised me, which is the Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil* (£28). Again this product is a cushion style product that is designed to be easily portable but unlike the foundation this product isn’t refillable but what makes this blush different is that it is a liquid blush, not powder. What I really like about this blush is how you can choose and play around with the vibrancy/pigmentation of this blush by how much you apply onto the sponge applicator. I have the shade ‘Sparkling Framboise’ and for me it instantly brightens and refreshes my makeup look by adding a lovely subtle pop of colour onto the cheeks. Over the past few weeks i’ve began to notice that this blush actually adds a tiny tint of colour to the cheeks, which is great as it means it doesn’t wear off during the day and you always look refreshed!

All in all i’m really impressed with these two products from Lancome as they are like no other products that I have used, and they have both become staples within my daily makeup routine. If you’re looking for a new foundation or blush to try then I would definitely recommend trying out these products as they are like no other product on the market in my opinion.

Have you tried out any cushion style products?