Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul

As it is officially October it finally feels acceptable to say that summer is over and I can begin bringing out all of my cosy jumpers, and start burning all of my winter scented candles! With October comes Halloween and you can always count on Lush to bring out their highly anticipated Halloween and the beginnings of their Christmas collections and with that in mind I just knew I had to pick up a few new bits for myself.

Over the past week or so i’ve seen so many blog post and youtube videos all about the new Halloween and Christmas products that have recently launched in Lush stores across the country, so on Sunday I popped down to my local Worcester Lush store to see what was on offer. My local store has the best team of staff as they are all so lovely and are always so happy to help, whether it be demo’ing products for you or just telling you their favourites, they always cheer me up! I decided to pick up products that i’ve never tried before, as I still have plenty of products from last year in my stash including my 1L bottle of Snow Fairy and plenty of Christmasy bits to work my way through, and I wanted to steer away from the same old products.

Whilst browsing around my local store it became evident that a few of the new Halloween products had actually sold out, so I knew that I wanted to try and get my hands on the Halloween products I wanted as I knew the Christmas products would be in store for a few months to come. The first product I picked up which is a new product for this year was the Autumn Leaves Bath Bomb (£3.75) and I knew I wanted to pick this up after seeing a fair few bloggers hauling it also. For me it is everything Autumn is about, when the leaves start falling off the trees and I love the idea behind this bath bomb. The scent of this is again reminds me of Autumn as it has a very earthy wintery scent to it, that is also somewhat sweet and is very different to any of their other bath bombs that I have tried, so i’m excited to try this one.

The next two products aren’t new releases but are ones I don’t think i’ve tried before, but have wanted to for quite some time now! With it being Halloween I couldn’t not pick up one of the pumpkin themed products and I opted for the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubblebar (£3.95) as it just looked so cute! I’m not the biggest fan of the products that are covered in glitter, mainly because they are pain to clean out of your bath but when it’s once in a blue moon I thought I could let this one slide. I was quite intrigued with the scent of this one as it is quite a citrus scent and I love anything lemon or lime, so i’m excited to see how this works and hopefully I won’t come out covered in glitter! The last item from the Halloween collection is the Northern Lights Bath Bomb (£3.95), which I have just realised I have tried before but they have changed the design of this product from last year and I think it was for the best. I absolutely loved this product last year as it was big enough to get two uses out of and it still probably is, but I just love how this turns your bath into what you’d imagine the northern lights to look like! I’m so glad they brought this back this year as it’s such a great product!

The last product I picked up purely because on of the lovely shop assistants was demo’ing it at the time is the Mistletoe Bath Bomb (£4.25), which is a new addition into the Christmas range for this year. I just loved the pastel pinks and blues that it created within the water, and it looked so different to any of the other Christmas products so I just had to get it. This bath bomb has a lovely festive floral scent to it that I just love, as i’m a big fan of floral scents in general so adding a festive touch to it sold it even more to me.

So that is everything I picked up from Lush’s new collections and no doubt i’ll be treating myself to a few more bits over the coming months in the run up to Christmas!

Have you picked up anything from Lush recently?