5 Busy Day Beauty Saviours

With having a full time job that takes up a lot of my time, I don’t really have the time to ensure that my makeup stays in place throughout the day so I rely on products that can get me through my day, especially on the days where i’m really busy. I thought i’d share my top five products that I can always count on to stay in place throughout the day and these are also so easy yet quick to apply, which is great on days where my schedule is hectic.

As i’ve mentioned previously I have gotten my morning routine down to around 25 minutes, which means that the products I use on a daily basis are very streamlined and have a purpose to them, where I know that I can count on them. In one of my recent posts I shared my Current Makeup Bag Favourites, where I spoke of a couple of these products but not in the way that I can rely on them and I thought it would be great to share with you guys, especially if you also work full time around blogging.


A long term favourite of mine that i’ve recently repurchased as i’ve been in need of it is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) as it is one of the best that i’ve tried. Although I haven’t tried any high end concealers I can’t really comment in that sense, but because of this concealer I almost feel like I don’t need to. It works wonders at hiding any blemishes, concealing/highlighting the under eye area and just overall making my face look a lot better than it actually does. What I find hard with some concealers is that they often wear off during the day, but this doesn’t move one bit and that is why I rely so heavily on it!


When it comes to my eyes, I really don’t put in much effort and I barely ever wear eyeshadow on a daily basis mainly because I don’t have time to faff around blending several eyeshadows. One product that I love to use is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo (£4.99) and my favourite shade is ‘And On Bronze‘ which is a beautiful bronze metallic shade that looks amazing on it’s own or blending with other eyeshadows. On days where I want a little colour on my lids I always turn to this as it takes seconds to apply and lasts all day! Another product I love to use on my eyes in the Lancome Grandoise Liner* (£23) as it is the only eyeliner i’ve ever used that is so easy to create a defined wing in seconds! The bendable applicator allows you get such a precise angle like no other eyeliner out there, and I just love it!


One part of my makeup that makes or breaks my look is my brows, especially as my eyebrows don’t naturally match my hair what so ever (hair dying woes) and I heavily rely on the brow products that I use to transform my brows. One product that I use on a daily basis to ensure my brows stay put throughout the day is the Benefit Ready, Set, Brow (£18.50) which is simply a brow gel that sets my brows in place. The reason why I prefer this over other brow gels is because it doesn’t leave my brows feeling hard or crispy, nor are they left looking glossy, which is a big no no when it comes to brows. Finally, one product that I like to use when i’m going from day to evening is the NYX Liquid Illuminator (£7), as it’s a highlight that I find just freshens up a look instantly whether you’ve just done your makeup or you’ve been rocking a full face for eight or more hours, it’s brilliant!


What products do you rely on for when you’re schedule is hectic?