5 Things To Do on A Chilled Weekend

Weekends for me is the time where I take breather from the madness of the week and reenergise for the week ahead. With working full time I definitely don’t get the opportunity to rest much during the week, as my job does demand a lot of my time and energy so when it comes to the weekend I do try to chill, but you know life often doesn’t allow that. I thought i’d some ways in which I love to chill during the weekends, and how you can too if you’re planning to take a breather and not do much on the weekend.

If like me you are usually very swamped with work, as it does take up a lot of your time and energy I do think it’s important to take some time to yourself to basically do a whole fat lot of nothing, or nothing that desires much energy. It’s always important to rest, and although we are in the lead up to Christmas if you can take a day or even a few hours to yourself I can guarantee you’ll thank yourself for it. These are just a few ways I like to chill on weekends and I hope this will give you some ideas for your next chilled opportunity.

Read A New Book or Magazine– For me I don’t do enough reading, but it is something that I definitely want to do more of. If you love getting lost in a book and also want to switch off from social media for a few hours then i’d definitely say getting stuck into a new read is the way to do it! On the flip side, I love nothing more than getting lost in a magazine. As I work within the fashion industry reading magazines and seeing the latest trends that they are forecasting is a part of my job, but I also love a good gossip mag, and i’m currently loving reading my Grazia (£1.99) subscription, and as it’s digital it means I can take it anywhere with me. Also what is great is that digital magazine subscriptions are a lot cheaper, as you get instant access instead of a physical copy which costs a lot more to make, and I prefer digital subscriptions as they are easier and clearer to read in my opinion. Leave me some book or magazine suggestions that your loving at the moment.


Pamper & Refresh – One thing I love doing in order to relax and just make myself feel refreshed is to give myself a mini pamper. Whether thats painting my nails or whacking on a face mask, it just instantly calms and makes me feel somewhat reenergised and relaxed. One of my favourite nail shades at the moment is the Essie Ignite The Night (£4.99) as it’s perfect for Christmas, and I can’t wait to give my nails a refresh especially for my Christmas party.

Grab a Takeaway or Visit a Local Pub/Cafe – One thing I love to do is eat, and when I say eat I mean trying out new places or cuisines. Where I live there are a few cute pubs/cafes and if I want to get out for some fresh air and try somewhere new I always venture to somewhere local and more low key, as apposed to big chain restaurants. Some of my favourites have to be independent Italian restaurants as i’m a huge lover of anything pizza or pasta. On the flip side if you’re not wanting to face the world, get yourself on Deliveroo or Just Eat and try out something new!

Have a Movie Marathon – One thing I don’t do enough is watch all of the films i’ve been wanting to watch for a while. Around this time of year I love to get my Harry Potter box set out and rewatch basically my childhood! Having said that, I really want to go and see Fantastic Beasts, but I just haven’t had chance yet.

Catch Up On Your Favourite Bloggers/Youtubers – On weekends where I plan to not do anything, I always catch up on the bloggers and vloggers that I follow, as I tend to not get the time during the week. It also allows me to think of new content ideas, especially if there is popular tag going around or there is topic I also want to share my thoughts on.

So those are a few ways that I like to spend a chilled weekend, and honestly even if you manage to do this once a month you’ll honestly feel amazing and refreshed!

How do you chill on the weekend?