Colour Pop Lipstick Haul with MyMallBox

For the longest time ever i’ve wanted to make a Colour Pop order, but one thing that always put me off was shipping costs and customs fees, as Colour Pop isn’t as easily accessible in the UK as it is the US. When I was contacted by the lovely team at MyMallBox about teaming up with them, and using their shipping service I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer and I finally placed an order!

I knew that I mainly wanted to try out Colour Pop’s lipsticks, as i’m not a huge eyeshadow kinda’ gal and I have enough highlighters to last me a life time but after hearing some of their products dupe the Kyle Lip Kits I just had to see for myself. Now, I know you’re all thinking that i’ve ordered really similar shades, but they are all SO different in their own way and I have a huge nude lipstick obsession at the moment that I just had to fulfil.

I first of all spent a good hour researching into the shades of the Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks ($6) as I really wanted to try them out, as liquid lipsticks are my thing at the moment and I wanted to make sure that I would get wear out of the shades I was ordering. The shades that I picked up were Midi, Bianca and Times Square. All of which are nude shades, but each shade is different in their own way. I’ve been wearing these alternatively for around a week, and so far i’m really impressed with these liquid lipsticks, and they are so similar to the Kylie Lip Kits, not just formula wise but packaging wise too! I did actually order four shades, but one I am saving for something very special so keep your eyes peeled for that. I will be doing a full review of these with swatches when i’ve gotten more wear out of them and i’ve truly put them through their paces.

I’d also seen a lot of good reviews on the Colour Pop Lippie Stix ($5), of which really intrigued me as the packaging is so different to any other lipsticks that i’ve ever tried. Again I ordered three shades, all of which are somewhat similar but all are very individual. The shades I picked up were Wesite, Lumiere and Bound which are all pinky nude shades, of which I am yet to use as I only recieved my order last week but i’m really excited to see what the formula of these are like but so far i’m really pleased with the shades that I chose.

Moving onto using MyMallBox to make my order and my overall experience with the service. I’ve heard of shipping companies who make it possible for you to order products that usually don’t ship to the country that you live in, but i’d never tried it for myself. The overall process is really easy, as you just set up your account through their website and they will provide you with a US shipping address and most US websites charge little or often no shipping especially if you order over a certain amount.  Once your order(s) have arrived at your US shipping address, you will get notified where you can then choose if you want all of your order combined in order to cut down on shipping costs, which is what I did. What’s great about MyMallBox is that you can choose from a selection of different shipping rates, but totally mine came to a little over $30, baring in mind I did also order a candle, which weight wise effected my shipping costs. When it came to shipping, I did have a few issues as there was a glitch within their server which meant my shipping wasn’t processed but as soon as I contacted their customer services they sorted out my issue and got my parcel out that same day. In total my order took about 3 weeks to arrive, which all in all wasn’t that bad and I didn’t have any additional customs charges (unlike my Kylie Cosmetics order!).

All in all i’d highly recommend using MyMallBox if you’re wanting to make multiple orders from the US, as it really cuts down on international shipping costs and i’m pretty sure that you don’t incur customs charges using their service. As long as you’re not in a rush for your orders to arrive, then you’ll definitely be happy with their service.

Have you ordered anything from Colour Pop recently?

* This post is in collaboration with MyMallBox, who contributed to the shipping costs of my order but all products were purchased with my own money.