Current Autumn Lip Picks

Every year I see pretty every beauty blogger do this same post, me included and I realised that I hadn’t updated my current lip picks for the season. I’ve really switched up the types of lipstick that I wear in the past year, in terms of the shades and also the finishes, of which I thought would make a great post rather than repeating the same vampy berry lipsticks as last year, and you’d see which lip products i’m currently loving!

As i’ve mentioned in a few recent posts, my choice of lipstick shades has really changed in comparison to last year as you’d never see me rocking a nude lip, whereas nude shades are pretty much all that I wear nowadays! Also, since lightening my hair I feel that more shades suit me whereas my previous almost black hair would wash me out making some shades look odd and just not right for my complexion and it feels good to somewhat step out of my comfort zone and wear shades that I wish i’d discovered sooner.

Kicking things off with probably my most worn lipsticks of the last few months, one of which I have raved and spoken about a fair amount now and this is the Kylie Matte Lip Kit ($29) in the shade ‘Candy K’. For me it’s the perfect nude with a slight reddish brown undertone, as it still has a nice amount of warmth to it but it’s still a very true nude shade. I love this shade as I can wear it both when i’m fake tanned but also pale as it’s a very versatile shade and is one that I think can suit anyone! Another nude favourite of mine in the recent weeks is the Rimmel Only 1 Matte Lipstick* (£4.99) in the shade ‘Trend Setter’. As I have previously mentioned, this is the first proper brown toned nude that i’ve found to suit me as some art just a little to pale and often wash me out but this shade is lovely. I also really love the finish of this lipstick as it’s a lovely creamy matte that lasts really well and doesn’t dry my lips out what so ever!

Moving away from the nudes and onto the more colourful lipsticks that i’ve been loving recently! Firstly is an old favourite from last year that I know I will love for the rest of my time on this earth, and this is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick (£23) in the shade ‘Love Liberty‘. This is one of my favourite darker berry red shades, as it’s not a true red nor is it a super deep red as I find that neither of those shades suit me, whereas this is the perfect shade. Again this is a lovely matte finish that lasts so lovely throughout the day on the lips, and for this to be my one and only Charlotte Tilbury product, i’m so glad that it’s this one!

The last shade that is a very recent addition but one that I absolutely love already, and this is the Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick* (£25.50) in the shade ‘Rose’, which is a lovely red with a pink undertone that is completely different to any red that i’ve ever had. Although it is quite a summery red, I really love this shade especially as it adds a nice pop to an autumnal outfit. I’m also completely swooning over the packaging of this lipstick as it is a click and pop style packaging, which I just think is so cool and unique!

What are you current favourite lipsticks for Autumn?