Getting The Most Out Of Blog Promotion On Twitter

As bloggers we want to gain the most exposure through our means of promotion, but also figuring out how to promote your blog and posts in the best way possible can often be difficult and hard to get your head around. One of my favourite social media channels to promote my blog through is of course Twitter, as it is the main source of promotion that I actually gain exposure from but again knowing the best ways to utilise Twitter isn’t just hand to you. So I thought i’d share some tips on how I promote my blog through Twitter, and which means of promotion are the most effective in my experience.

Over the four years that i’ve been blogging promotion has changed in many ways, and back when I first started blogging I knew absolutely nothing about promoting my blog through the means of social media. Through the years I have picked up some great tips, but everyday i’m still learning more and the platforms in which many bloggers use or have used shift constantly. Back in the beginning Blogger and GFC were the main ways in which you followed and read blogs, and then it shifted to Bloglovin’ and now I find that I gain the most exposure or following through my social media channels, with Twitter being the main driver for my blogs promotion. With Twitter being that main driver utilising it in the best way possible will benefit your blogs exposure, so here are a few simple ways to promote your blog through Twitter.

Twitter chats – Back when I first started blogging and promoting my blog through Twitter one way in which I interacted and I guess gained exposure was through Twitter chats, and back then there was only a select few and everyone joined in, and I made some great pals through those chats. Nowdays there are so many chats, with at least two happening most evenings of the week but I like to cosy down on a Sunday evening after my dinner and join in then, as there are a fair few of a Sunday evening. The main ones for me are the LBloggers Chat, Blogosphere Chat ran by Blogopshere Magazine and then BBloggers Chat which all take place from 7pm-9pm. The majority of these chats are hosted by a different blogger each week, and generally have a different topic of which allows everyone to get involved and share their individual opinion or experiences. I love Twitter chats as it allows you to discover bloggers you haven’t come across before but it is also a great way to promote your recent posts and blog in general.

Hashtags – Following on from Twitter chats, using those same hashtags that are used during those chats to just generally promote every tweet you put out regarding your blog instantly allows your tweets to reach more than just the people who follow you which also can include brands who potentially may want to work with you. Whenever i’m putting out a tweet promoting my blog or latest blog posts I always ensure I use #bbloggers (beauty bloggers), #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers) and #fbloggers (fashion bloggers), mainly because they are the hashtags that tie in with my blogs theme and general persona. Again similarly to Twitter chats there are now so many different hashtags, and getting your head around what they all stand for can be difficult but the ones I have mentioned are the generally most used hashtags that help to get your tweets seen.

Tagging brands – When promoting blog posts on Twitter, if that particular blog post has a brand or many brands featured it’s always in your best interest to ensure you’re tagging those brands Twitter pages, because nine times out of ten they will retweet and/or favourite your tweets to their following, thus meaning your post gets pushed out to a lot of people. What is great about Twitter now is that rather than using up your 140 character count tagging brands, you can tag them in any pictures you upload meaning you can get the most out of your tweets, so a big thank you to Twitter for sorting that out finally!

Retweet accounts – As well as tagging brands in your tweets in order to gain a bit of extra promotion, there are accounts on Twitter dedicated to retweeting bloggers tweets in order to reach more bloggers/readers and just simply tagging them in your posts means that they will retweet you. I usually don’t tag retweet accounts as I end up going over my character count but when I have it does definitely help just push my tweets that little bit further, and it’s great if you’re just starting out blogging. The few retweet accounts that I use and follow are UK Blogger RT, Female Blogger RT and BBlog RT.

Scheduling tweets – If like me you work full time and you don’t have time to be sitting on social media all day then scheduling tweets will literally be your life saver as it allows you to still promote your posts on Twitter throughout the day. My favourite app to use is Buffer as you can completely customise it to your own needs with how tweets you want to put out a day, what time periods you want tweets to go out and it provides analytics to any tweets posted through the app. I always schedule my tweets during week days as it literally takes 10 minutes in the morning to schedule everything for the day ahead, and it means that I don’t have to worry about promoting my blog through Twitter as it does it for you.

So those are a few ways that I promote my blog through Twitter, of which I find to be the most effective in order to gain as much exposure as possible. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter as I love following everyone back, so come say hi!

How do you promote your blog through Twitter?