What I Got For Christmas 2017

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, spending time eating all of the food and generally putting your feet up and relaxing. I spent my Christmas day full of a cold, and I didn’t touch one drop of alcohol (that’s how you know I was ill), but moaning aside I still had a lovely day and I received some truly wonderful gifts that i’m forever grateful for. I thought it was only right to share some snippets of the presents I received, as I do every year as I bloody love being a nosey bugger and seeing what everyone else received for Christmas!


This year I didn’t really ask for much, as i’m going to Australia in the New Year I mainly just asked for money in order for me truly enjoy myself whilst I was out there. With that being said my family and friends still spoilt me rotten, and I absolutely love every single gift that I received this year! Safe to say my family and friends know me very well!

Delving straight into the body and bath products, as my family and friends know how much I love to stock up on sweet smelling body washes and bubble baths throughout the year. One of my closest friends well and truly spoilt me, which i’ve told her off for but she kindly got me the Soap & Glory Soaper Spa Giftset (£15) as she knows how much I love Soap & Glory, and with being on a massive spending ban/budget going into the New Year this is definitely going to help not spending the pennies! (P.S My local Boots still had loads of these in the sale, so be quick if you want one!). From my Nan & Granddad, they kindly treated me with a Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Tray (£30), which I was so grateful to receive as I love Bayliss & Harding as their fresh scents are so soothing and calming, so I can’t wait to get stuck into this! Lastly for the body/bath products, my boss kindly gifted me a Champneys Heavenly Days Bubble Heaven (£12), and i’ve never tried anything from Champneys but this smells absolutely incredible!

Moving onto the beauty products I received from my Mum, and I had asked for a few of these as she was somewhat struggling with what to buy me but she still did amazing! For years i’ve wanted the YSL Black Opium Perfume (£) and as my Mum recently went on a cruise she kindly picked this up from duty free for me. I’ve been wearing this non stop since Christmas and I absolutely adore it! She also gifted me MAC ‘Mehr’ Lipstick (£15), which i’ve had my eye on for some time and as a last minute gift, again she kindly picked this up from duty free. It’s been a while since I had a new MAC lipstick, so I was very pleased when I received this! Last of the beauty bits, and these I didn’t know I was getting but as my Mum was in Singapore she hunted down Sephora and kindly picked me up a selection of the Sephora Sheet Masks ($4+) as she knows how much I like them, so that was so kind of her.

Onto the more micellaneous gifts, and again I was so surprised by a few of these. My Dad and Stepmum kindly got me a Personalised Marmite Jar (£4.99), which I thought was absolutely brilliant  as they know I love Marmite and it means that anyone at work will know they cannot use my Marmite! They also got me some cosy Next Flannel Pyjamas (£30), which are currently in the sale (but their website is useless, and I can’t direct link) and these are the cosiest pj’s ever! Another present from one of my closest friends was Yankee Votive Holiday Giftset (£14.49), which contains three mini votive candles and a beautiful candle holder. I’ve not actually tried any of these scents, so i’m really excited to burn them and see what they smell like. My Mum also kindly got me a Starbucks  Festive Mug (£11.97) as she knows I love my Starbucks mugs, so much so that I also bought another in the sale!

So that is pretty much everything I recieved for Christmas. I did also get a few chocolates treats and another set of Pj’s from my Nan but I was wearing those whilst taking the pictures for this post! All in all I had a lovely Christmas day, and i’m excited to see what 2017 has in store!

What did you get for Christmas?