Brands To Try in 2017

Although i’m kicking off the New Year with a spending ban, during 2016 I discovered a few products and brands that I truly enjoyed, and will continue to love well into this next year. With that being said during 2017 I want to discover more from the brands that i’ve truly enjoyed this past year, whilst also discovering well talked about brands and products that i’ve not had the opportunity to try yet.

With being a blogger comes the love of reading my favourite blogs and discovering new bloggers, and with that comes the raving reviews of their favourite products and brands, and with that the list of products/brands I want to try becomes never ending. Throughout 2016 the same brands seem to be many bloggers favourites, making my want to try certain products a must and I thought i’d share a few brands I loved through 2016, brands I want to try more of and brands I want to discover.


Starting off with a brand that was well loved by myself and many bloggers in the last year has been NYX. Since it’s launch in the UK, it allowed the brand to be so more easily accessible but there are still a few products that i’ve not tried but definitely want to. Since loving their Intense Butter Glosses (£5.50) their array of shades of have been calling my name, as I absolutely adore the formula of these glosses and wear the couple I have like they’re going out of fashion. I also want to try out more of their contour palettes and bronzers, as i’ve heard some great things and I secretly adore bronzing my face up.


A brand, that although is on the pricier side I want to try more from is ABH Cosmetics. After receiving the ABH Glow Kit (£39) for my birthday it has given me the itch to try more from the brand as absolutely adore this palette. For years i’ve heard many bloggers and youtubers rave about the ABH Dip Brow (£15) and the ABH Brow Wiz (£15.50), and as I love experimenting with my brows and the products I use to fill in my brows, and with so many amazing comments on these products it has heightened my want to try them. I also would love to try out their lip products, but my liquid lipstick collection is getting a little out of hand.


Moving onto a brand that I vowed to try more of during 2016, and unfortunately failed but the want to discover more Charlotte Tilbury products in unreal. I absolutely adore my Charlotte Tilbury Love Liberty Lipstick (£23), and I’d love to try out a few more shades but more of the nude variety. Also being a lover of contouring and highlighting i’m always swooning over the Filmstar Bronze & Glow (£49), which I know I will just adore from the few times friends have used it on me but justifying the price tag is the only factor stopping me from purchasing it.

The last brand that I want to try more from is more of a budget brand option, that i’ve been trying a few products from and that is 2True, which if anyone remembers from back in the day as I was obsessed with their products back when I was in high school. After trying out few of their products recently and being super impressed it’s definitely a brand I want to try more from. Their Rainbow Highlighter* (£4.95) has been a recent favourite in my makeup routine and is so different to any highlighter than i’ve used, and just gives all the unicorn vibes out there. So I can’t wait to try out more products from them!


So those are a few brands that I want to try more from in the next year! Please feel free to leave some suggestions of products that you’ve loved, as i’d love to try out any well loved recommendations.

What brands do you want to try more from?