Getting Organised in 2017

Firstly I wanted to start this post by saying Happy New Year, as this is the first post of 2017 and I can’t believe i’m entering my fifth year of blogging! With that being said one of my goals for this year is to really focus on my blog, and really push it to it’s full potential, and I thought there was nothing better than to kick of the year with a post dedicated to getting organised for 2017, and how I plan to further my blog. I will also be doing more of goals style post at the end of the week, so keep an eye out for that.

This past year i’ve definitely gotten my blog back on track to a point where i’m really happy, although it took a while and a lot of motivation i’m finally at a point where I can keep to a schedule that works for me and my life currently. Having said that, I really want to push my blog and it’s content further but in doing that I need to get myself and my content more organised going forward as I currently don’t plan ahead all that much. If like me you too are wanting to get yourself more organised, then I hope these pointers/tips also help you to get organised in 2017.

Plan, plan, plan – For me planning is always key, and is one thing I somewhat pride myself in. See for me planning content is the easy part, is just finding the time to get photos taken and content actually scheduled. In order to stick to a schedule it’s key to have some sort of plan in hand, whether it be making lists or writing on a calendar which posts you want to go up on certain days and ticking them off once you’ve written/posted them will really help in the long run. Finding your own groove when it comes planning will hands down make your content/blog easier to run and it means when you’ve got a free hour or so, you can try to get ahead of yourself a little.

Be aware of timekeeping – Timekeeping for me is what has allowed me to get my blog somewhat back on track this year. For me when it comes to the weekends, I always ensure that no matter what i’ve got planned i’m always aware of the time, and what spare time I have in order to work on my content. One way in which I stay on top of my timekeeping is of course from wearing a watch, as I don’t always have my phone on me and a watch is so easy to allow you to keep on track. If you’re a long follower then you’ll know I love my Daniel Wellington watches and my current favourite it the Classic Black Reading Watch* (£139) as it goes with everything I wear, and since I began wearing watches i’ve noticed how much more organised and on top of things as i’m always aware of the time. 

Set yourself realistic goals – One thing I always remind myself is to be realistic with the goals that i’m setting myself for my blog, as there are definitely times where I get myself quite stressed out when i’ve set myself unrealistic objectives that I know i’m just never going to meet. If you know that you can get a good two blog posts written in a day, maybe three if you really focus on the topics at hand then that’s great but don’t push yourself to try and go overboard because I find that my posts often lack that connection and heart if i’ve rushed my content. Remember be kind to yourself, and allow your writing to flow naturally.

Be persistent and motivated – The way in which i’ve managed to get my blog schedule to three posts a week is through persistence, as I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t let my blog content to fall off like it did a year or so ago. If like me you’re motivated and driven to do better with your blog, then persistence is key as it gives you that drive and that goal to work towards in order to push yourself and your blog forward. Having said that, and going back to my previous point remember to set yourself a realistic schedule that works to you and your life/workload.

So those are the ways in which I have bettered not only my blog but also myself, and will continue to do so and build upon over the next year. Lastly I want to say a massive Happy New Year to all of you lovely people who have stuck with me through this year, and also a massive thank you to all of you who have followed this year. Without this little space on the internet I wouldn’t be where I am today, and for that i’m forever grateful. (Don’t forget there’s still time to get yourself 15% off at Daniel Wellington with the code ‘SPLURGING’).

How are you getting yourself organised for 2017?