Surviving That ‘Time of The Month’

Girls, this one’s specifically for you (unless your a boyfriend wanting some tips on how to understand and I guess be there for your girlfriend) and i’m definitely not the first nor will I be the last to say that periods suck. Am I right? Or am I right? With a fair share of years of periods behind my back and wanting to bring in some content and topics this year, I thought i’d share some advice/tips on a subject that us gals can all relate to.

Now if you’re like me, and you take some sort of contraceptive pill then you’ll probably see how much easier periods can be, as you can easily control the regularity of them and if you decide one month you don’t want a period, hey presto you can make that happen. Now i’m not saying the pill is the answer to all your prayers, because I know many people that have had endless problems with it but once you find a contraceptive that suits, and works for you then typically periods do become a little easier to manage. On top of that, there are a handful of things that I typically do during that time of the month in order to soothe pain, brighten my mood and to generally get me through what is often a pretty rubbish week.

Keep a hot water bottle on you at all times – For me, when i’m experiencing those first cramps there is nothing that works better at soothing them than a hot water bottle permanently on my stomach. I find the warmth really helps to soothe, and somewhat mask the pain. I personally love those mini hot water bottles, as they tuck easily into your waistband and aren’t to bulky that they get in the way at night. I personally go for any old hot water bottle, but i’ve recently been eyeing up this George Home Fax Fur Hot Water Bottle7), as it looks so cosy! 

Get cosy and drink all the tea/hot chocolate – Doing nothing but relaxing is all I tend to do during that time of the month, and although I love tea and hot chocolate all year round, I find that I drink more hot drinks during my period as the warmth again helps to soothe any pain or cramping that i’m experiencing. I love nothing more than wrapping myself up in my biggest blanket, and doing sweet nothing with some chocolate and a hot drink to keep me company.

Stock up on tampons/sanitary towels – For me, leaving the house or having to dash out due to running out of tampons on my last period and not stocking up is the worst, so i’ve learnt that stocking up beforehand to be an absolute godsend. I always make sure to look out for some special deal, or offer as let’s be honest it’s shocking that we have to pay tax on these products, let a lone pay for them in the first place, but i’m not here for a debate so i’ll stop there.

Have as many bath as you like – Another thing that includes heat is having a good soak or a long hot shower, as I find that during that time of the month that I just feel generally gross, i’m sure i’m not the only one, and again the warmth helps to soothe an pain or cramping. A product that i’ve been using recently is the SASS Purifying Cleanser* (£7) as we all know that taking care and properly cleansing our nether regions is important, and some products can really irritate and disrupt the PH balance down there (sorry to get all TMI). This product I find to be bloody brilliant as it’s so gentle and instantly freshens, leaving me just feeling amazing!

Nap like it’s going out of fashion – Naps are the ultimate thing I like to do during my period, even though generally my energy levels are good often the pain can wear you out on it’s own especially if you suffer badly with period pains. If you can, i’d highly advise allowing yourself some time to just nap and recoup, especially as I often have a lot of broken sleep and i’m sure i’m not the only one.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – Lastly, during that time of the month I find that I can be very sensitive and one thing can put me in a foul mood, as i’m sure we all can but I try to not take things to seriously and I try to not beat myself up too much, as we are only human. Just remember, you’re going to be bloated, you’re going to eat lots of chocolate and you’re going to be a bit of a moody cow, and so what?!

How do you survive your time of the month?