5 Swoon Worthy Products

Over the past few months i’ve seen a fair amount of bloggers raving over their favourite products from the packaging aesthetic that they offer, and I mean who doesn’t love a good rose gold packaged product? Am I right, or am I right? I thought with so many bloggers sharing their favourite packaged products, i’d also jump on bandwagon and showcase a few products that I absolutely love for not only their packaging but for the product inside also.

When I first started blogging it was never about products that looked good in a flat lay, it was all about the products you genuinely loved no matter what whacky colour packaging it came with. I find more and more brands are trying to make their products look more luxurious and appealing aesthetic wise, which I don’t know about anyone else but I secretly love as it makes for a great flat lay (no shame)!

The first product is one i’ve not really featured on the blog, but I discovered in my stash a few weeks back is the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast HD Mascara* (£10.50) and being a lover of their original formula I was intrigued to see how the formula compared. I personally love this mascara for it’s beautiful rose packaging, as i’ve never com across a high street mascara with this style of packaging. As for the product itself, it’s just as good as their original formula but with a HD finish to it as the name would suggest. With it’s collagen infused formula it gives your lashes that little extra lift and I find this stays put a lot longer than the original formula.

Another high street product that has not only been getting a lot of love from myself, but also many other bloggers is the Rimmel London Sculpting Palette* (£6.99) and if you’ve tried this product you’ll definitely know why! The rose gold detailing to this packaging instantly gives that more luxurious feel, especially as this is a part of their Kate Moss line. As for the product I personally love it for it’s multi tasking offering, as you get three products all packaged into one product of which I use all three on a daily basis currently! The bronzer is perfect for a subtle contoured look during the day, and both the blush and highlight add a lovely pop and glow to the cheeks. Having said that another blush product that I love is the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush (£8.99), which is the most adorable little blusher i’ve ever owned. Although mine is well loved and a bit battered, in it’s prime the packaging had the same aesthetic of a higher end product but the product is still just a good!

Moving onto the lips, and I couldn’t narrow it down when it came to these two products and they are both stunning in their own right. The YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick (£27) has got to be my favourite lipstick packaging wise, I mean just look at it! Product wise I used to love this lipstick back in 2015, but i’ve really gone off my berry shades so i’m definitely in need of adding a more nude shade into the mix soon! Finally the last lipstick that has been getting a lot of love from me recently is the Charlotte Tilbury Love Liberty Lipstick (£24). It’s the perfect matte berry red shade, and that rose gold packaging is to die for!

What are your favourite swoon worthy products?