DIY Gifts For Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day fast approaching it’s got me thinking of gift ideas and I don’t usually do a gift guide for Mother’s Day as I typically just prefer to give me Mum a beautiful bunch of flowers and just spend the day cherishing that time with her. This year however I thought i’d whip up a gift guide post featuring something a bit different that is really easy to do with a little help from Printiki

Anyone who knows me knows that I love capturing memories through the lens of my camera, but I rarely ever print out and display those memories or put them into a photo album to look back on. So when lovely team at Printiki got in touch about collaborating with them on their amazing yet affordable print services, it really excited me to have physical copies of my prints. With that came a few ideas of how to display my prints, and this where I came up with a few ideas that could make a lovely gift this Mother’s Day. 


Scrap booking is something that i’ve never done, but i’ve always wanted to as I used to love putting together my sketch books back when I was in college and uni being the art geek that I am. I picked up this A4 Sketchbook (£4) from my local Tiger but you can easily pick them up in most stationary shops, and also some cute Pink Washi Tape (£3) from Paperchase which I used to stick the prints in place, whilst also adding a cute detail. The thing I love about scrap booking is that you can totally make it your own by adding things such as receipts or tickets to remind you of a certain day, or cute stickers to add character. I totally love what I was able to achieve with my scrap booking for this post and i’m definitely going to continue with this scrap book, adding memories that my mum and I share to look back at over the years.


One thing i’ve seen so much of is people hanging their pictures using cute brown string and teeny tiny pegs, which I think is so cute! I thought this would make a cute gift idea, but also something you can do for yourself and i’ll definitely be displaying the prints of me and my closest gal pals this way. I ordered a Mini Peg & String Set (£1.88) from eBay but i’ve seen shops such as Urban Outfitters and stationary shops selling these, with some being more funky than others. I totally love how my prints look displayed using the pegs and string, and I so wish i’d done it sooner as it instantly reminds me of some great memories!

Ordering through Printiki was probably the easiest and smoothest of online services that i’ve used in a long time, and you can choose from a range of products including prints, books and posters which gives you so many different gift options to choose from. What I really liked is that you can upload your photos in so many different ways, from your laptop or device but you can also log into any of your social media accounts and have all of your photos at your fingertips to choose from. 

So those are a couple of cute yet really easy DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day, that I hope inspires you and possibly even saves you if you’re still stuck on what to do for Mother’s Day this year! 

What are your favourite DIY’s for displaying photos?